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 Adonis Stevenson Media Call, Tavoris Cloud a No Show

Adonis Stevenson:      Hello, everybody. How are you doing? First of all, I want to thank God. I want to thank Sugar, my trainer, (unintelligible), GYM Promotions. I want to thank HBO — HBO is doing a great job – a good job — and Don King and Gary Shaw who gave me the opportunity.


And I want to thank Don King to put the fight with two, you know, both guys and both promoters and your teams that put the fight together. I want to thank – this is my defense. I’m going to defend my title now.


You know, I’m very, very hungry. I’ve got (unintelligible), you know. I know the next time I win isn’t going to be a quick – a very quick, quick night, but actually I feel one week – I think one week of break. Then I’m going to come back to the gym. I’m in good shape and I trained very hard for this fight.


I know Tavoris Cloud. He is a good fighter, an impressive boxer. I know he is coming to Montreal and you’ve got to be ready. That is why I’m training very, very hard. I know I’m going to win. You know, I want my fans to see the fight. So I will win by knock out, you know, because this is – knock out sell. That is Emanuel (unintelligible). Knock out sell following by knock out, but I know this is a good fight. Tavoris Cloud is going to be ready and he is going to come in and try to take my belt, but it is not going to happen.


I want to thank all my fans, too, who come to support me in Montreal. This is a great city for boxing. So I will wait and I want to see everybody come to the fight or watch the fight on HBO — the fight at (unintelligible). Thank you.


Bob Trieger:          Thank you, Adonis. Now, Operator, we are going to turn it over to the media.


Operator:               Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to ask a question, please press the Number 1 key. Again, if you have any questions or comments, please press the Number 1 key. The first question or comment is from Lem Satterfield with Ring Please go ahead.


Lem Satterfield:    Hey, Adonis. How are you doing?


Adonis Stevenson:      Hi, I’m good. Thanks.


Lem Satterfield:    Hey, I guess the simple question is how does it feel to be the man — to be the Number 1 guy, The Ring champion, and to be the one that everybody is chasing?


Adonis Stevenson:      I know, you know, it is different now because now – so I will train more and my dedication is only on boxing. So I will train more and more to prepare for any fight I’m going to do because I know I am the man at 125 and I want to – I have proved that I’m going to prove more and more. And so, any fight is going to be – any fight I will prove that me, I am the man. That is why I’m training very, very, very hard anytime I’m getting into the ring.


Lem Satterfield:    You talked to me about the punch that you landed on Chad Dawson and you said it was a specially designed punch for southpaws. Can you characterize that punch again?


Adonis Stevenson:      Yes, because that punch I practice on the (unintelligible). And, you know, for the southpaw, that punch – it works a lot for the southpaw. You know, Chad Dawson is a good boxer, but you know, in the first one, he tried to put me on pressure. That is why – he tried to put me on pressure and you get the hand down – the right hand flows down to the left hand. You can put your hands down like that.


My trainer – I learned because my trainer — in summer training — he told me that so I know. That is why when I jab and he still does the hands down so I catch him with my left.


Lem Satterfield:    What is that punch called? You had a name for it?


Adonis Stevenson:      That’s the Superman punch.


Lem Satterfield:    What is it called?


Adonis Stevenson:      Superman punch.


Lem Satterfield:    Superman punch. I thought you had, like, either a hook or some kind of left – I can’t remember what you called it. I thought you had a name for it.


Adonis Stevenson:      Like, overhead, but I call it, personally, my Superman punch.


Lem Satterfield:    Okay. Got it. Is it the same punch with the right hand if you get an orthodox puncher – fighter with it?


Adonis Stevenson:      No. I got another Superman punch for the right hand.


Lem Satterfield:    Okay. Now, Tavoris Cloud is not someone who has ever been knocked out. He takes a good punch. And the two guys who probably go through the most trouble were boxers. Campillo and Hopkins include the groove, Yusaf Mack. What aspect of your boxing ability could show up?


I heard Sugar Hill talk a little bit about your boxing ability. That’s a two-part question — one for you.


Do you feel that you are going to have to – you could rely on your boxing if you have to given what success other guys have had to – against them? And, also, Sugar Hill, if you could elaborate, too, after he answers.


Adonis Stevenson:      Yes. You know, I practice all over. Sugar has my boxing IQ. I can box. I can punch. I can box. And I can punch on the body. So I got, you know, so I practice a lot in my movement. I practice things, you know, but tell me – Tavoris Cloud, yes, he took a punch — Campillo, Bernard, and Yusaf Mack — but tell me, this good guy, he is a power puncher, KO puncher?


Lem Satterfield:    Who?


Adonis Stevenson:      Hello? Bernard, Campillo, and Yusaf Mack.


Lem Satterfield:    None of them have a power…


Adonis Stevenson:      You can come and you can tell a boxer he is a pure and power puncher?


Lem Satterfield:    No, you’re the puncher.


Adonis Stevenson:      That’s right. That’s a big difference. When you are a power puncher, you can’t be a mistake. You have to be anytime to watch you and what happens. So I know I can punch and I know I can box, too. I got good boxing IQ, good movement, but my defense — with Sugar — defense. So that is like this title, the WBC and The Ring Magazine, they understand Montreal because I will be ready to fight. And so, I’m just exciting – I’m just exciting to wait for the moment I go in the ring and show my fans what I can do.


Lem Satterfield:    Sugar Hill, can you elaborate on that — his boxing ability and possibly his ability to maneuver Cloud into the power punches?


Javan Hill:             Well, as Adonis stated, he has exceptional boxing IQ. And, if you look at the right with Dawson, how quickly he was able to set that shot up and to capitalize on the mistake that he made. He was not able to display his boxing skills, but that is something that he has been working on for a while.


Ever since he had come over the (unintelligible) gym. I believe he has superior boxing skills. He was able to display somewhat of good boxing skills with Donovan George which went 12 rounds with a very, very, very tough competitor. He did – most of that was just, you know, his right hand and his jab. He didn’t really pull the left hand that much because he had a hand injury from the previous schedule bout with Donovan George which had been postponed until that fight.


Lem Satterfield:    And he still had five knockdowns.


Javan Hill:             I’m sorry? Yes, he still had five knockdowns with that fight and that was just boxing and you are going into the 12th round and he just wanted to finish him. He just went out there and put more pressure on him then used both hands and finished the fight, but he had exceptional movement then for that fight.


But since that fight, his footwork and his boxing skills have gotten a lot better. Each time we are in camp, he is getting better and better. I’m watching him learn more and more.


Even – for instance, if we watched the Floyd Mayweather and Canelo fight, I know he learned from that because when he came into the gym the following Monday, he was doing some more new stuff that he learned from watching – from that fight and just, you know, being more mentally aware and being in control of the fight at all times.


You know, if – you know, if he has to box Tavoris Cloud for 12 rounds, that is not a problem. We always look for mistakes and catch the point where mistakes. I’ve heard it once said, “Power is power.” That is what he has — every equalizer — along with his boxing and his IQ.


I don’t think it is going to be a problem at all as far as if he had to box Tavoris Cloud with – if Cloud puts an extreme amount of pressure on him, that is not a problem. He trains for that and actually he lives for that.


Lem Satterfield:    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and good luck in the fight.


Javan Hill:             Thank you.


Adonis Stevenson:      Thank you.


Operator:               The next question is from Jean Francois (Jabout) from PBS Canada. Please go ahead.


(Jean Francois Jabout):            Oui. Bonjour, Adonis.


Adonis Stevenson:      Bonjour.


(Jean Francois Jabout):            This is (Jean Francois Jabout) from Canada.


Adonis Stevenson:      Bonjour, Francois.


(Jean Francois Jabout):            Adonis…((French spoken 0:21:52)-0:22:09)).


Adonis Stevenson:      ((French Spoken 0:22:11-0:23:04)).


(Jean Francois Jabout):            ((French Spoken 0:23:04-0:23:20)).


Bob Trieger:          I’m sorry. We are going to have move on because we are not able to understand. This is likely a U.S. media.


(Jean Francois Jabout):            I only need another – just two questions.


Bob Trieger:          No, we don’t have the time. Operator, could we please move on?


Operator:               Next question is from Dan Rafael at ESPN. Please so ahead.


Dan Rafael:           Thank you very much. Personally, I would like to hear what that question and answer was. Since it was in French, anybody going to translate?


Bob Trieger:          Yvon, could you help us here? Yvon?


Yvon Michel:        Yes. Sorry, I missed the question.


Dan Rafael:           No problem.


Adonis Stevenson:      He said to me if I can talk about my training, what preparation I do with my trainer – what the different training, again, Chad Dawson and Tavoris Cloud now because I’ll fight Tavoris Cloud what the different strategy in training I do?


Dan Rafael:           Okay. Did you have an answer for him, Adonis?


Adonis Stevenson:      Yes. I told him that the difference is, like, Chad Dawson is a southpaw. He is more difficult. And so, now, Tavoris Cloud – he is orthodox. He is more easy for me than – he is more boxer, he is orthodox than southpaw.


And, you know, Chad Dawson is 6’3″ and Tavoris Cloud is 5’10” and orthodox. So you have a boxer 5’10”, orthodox with question. I’m working with my trainer. He tells me, “I know he puts pressure.” And so, I practice my movement, my defense. I know he got a good left hook so I practice a lot with a guy whom I’ve punched about the hook, so I learn about that, too.


I practice my defense so I know that Tavoris Cloud is coming and you want to be hungry about the fight because I know he lost from Bernard so I know he is going to come ready to try to surprise me. That is why I’m training everything so I know I’m ready for everything he brings to the table. You know?


Dan Rafael:           All right. Very good. My question for you Adonis, you know, Cloud — although coming off of a loss to Bernard — never been knocked down, to my knowledge, obviously, he was not stopped in his one loss. You are a big puncher. I know you feel like you are going to win the fight. Do you think it would be making even more of a statement if you could be the first man to stop Cloud whose reputation is for having a pretty good chin?


Adonis Stevenson:      Yes. You know, first of all, from a quality fight I’m a pure power puncher. He fight – he is a power puncher? No. He fights comfortable. He is a power puncher? No. He fights Bernard. Bernard is a power puncher? No, he is a good (unintelligible). He is a good boxer, but not — Bernard cannot power punch. When I fight a power puncher, this is a big difference and, of course, I can box — I can box — I’ve got movement. You are not going to be the same. Soon Tavoris is going to make a mistake, I’m going to catch him.


Like, Chad Dawson makes a mistake. Chad is a good technician. He makes a mistake, I catch him. It is going to be the same thing before Tavoris Cloud. Soon he is going to make a mistake, I’m going to catch him.


Dan Rafael:           So you think you will knock him out then as opposed to have him last a whole round?


Adonis Stevenson:      No. I’m going to – yes, I’m going for the knock out. Knock out sells, you know? Emanuel has told me all the way — knock outs sell. That – I want to win by knock out and, you know, the bucks and I think people want to see that, the knockout. You know? You are good in the 12th round, but I think the fans — the TV — everybody wants to see a knock out. That is what I want to bring and me, all my fights I want to win by knock out.


Dan Rafael:           Now, do you have a – let’s say you get in the ring and you are able to land some of your big punches and he is able to take it and you find yourself getting into the later rounds and he is still taking it and he is not going down. Do you have that backup plan as Sugar talked about your boxing ability where sometimes guys just aren’t getting knocked out and you will have to possibly go the route and win 12 rounds.


Adonis Stevenson:      Oh, well…


Dan Rafael:           Will you be able to do that also?


Adonis Stevenson:      Oh, yes. I can go 12 of them. I’m in shape, you know. I’ve been training, like, since, like, Donovan George so I’m in shape to do a 12-round. If there is no knock out, he is going to be punished. I’m going to punish him out in, like, 12 rounds and I’ll tell him to go 12 rounds. I’m going to be ready and I got Plan A, B, C, D, so I’m – as soon as I get in the ring, I’m a chef master.


Dan Rafael:           Do you feel, Adonis, though, by Tavoris and his team not showing up on this call — which was, obviously, announced to the media, we showed up — do you feel that he is disrespecting you or your team for not showing up on this conference call?


Adonis Stevenson:      I don’t know what is disrespect or not disrespect. I don’t care why he thinks or what his team thinks, but me, I’ve got a job to do on September 28 so I’m going to do my job and knock him out. That is only that I want to do.


He is not in the confidence club. He is good, but you know, I know, next when he comes to Montreal so I’m going to see him anyways. He is not here now. I don’t know what will be – what is the problem with him and the team. I don’t know. That’s him and his team. I don’t know their problems.


Dan Rafael:           Okay. Yvon or Gary, could either of you speak to the reason why nobody from the Cloud Team is on this call even though they were announced as being here.


Yvon Michel:        There was a miscommunication, apparently. They now told us last week that they should prefer to have it later at three o’clock because Cloud wanted to train. But when we exchanged email this week, we believed that it was okay for noon. We got – I got an email yesterday saying that everything was fine. But just before the call, they came back them and they said, “No, he’s in training. He is not available before 3:00.” Maybe it was lack of communication, but the last time it was a misplaced passport. It is still that they haven’t been very collaborative in the promotion of this setup.


Dan Rafael:           You are still pretty sure they are going to actually show up in Montreal, though, next Saturday, correct?


Yvon Michel:        I was told that he had a new passport.


Dan Rafael:           Okay. Very good. Okay.


Gary Shaw:           Dan?


Dan Rafael:           Yes, Gary?


Gary Shaw:           This is Gary. First of all, he may be in training. King is not in training so King could’ve gotten on. But you asked a couple of questions. I just want to respond to one thing. They talk about Cloud’s power. Cloud has only had one knockout in 2008 which was Yusaf Mack.


Everybody that he has fought are not power punchers. They don’t have anywhere near the power of Adonis. Hopkins, Ken – he had his hands full with Campillo. We know Campillo can punch. Yusaf Mack, (Unintelligible), (Unintelligible) — none of these guys can really punch.


So, for the first time, Cloud is going to be in with someone who could really punch. I mean, I witnessed it with my own eyes and I don’t think Cloud has the punch that everybody thinks Cloud has and I could say it is going to be an easy night for Adonis Stevenson.


Dan Rafael:           That makes me think of one other thing for you, Gary, and maybe Adonis can answer it, also, actually. You know, he obviously got rid of Dawson with one shot essentially in the fight. It was a great punch. No one disputes that. But, Gary, you were with Chad for a long time going into that fight and for the previous fight. Do you feel as though he was perhaps slightly damaged in some fashion from the way he took a beating against Andre Ward in his previous fight and did that maybe hasten his demise against Adonis?


Gary Shaw:           No, I mean, it is a good question and, obviously, I can never speak for what is inside his head. I don’t think so. I think Adonis – he had his – Dawson let his hands down. Instead of keeping Adonis at a distance, he let him come in and Adonis reached him and threw that one shot.


I think having him box as a southpaw, as Adonis said, you know, was honest about it, it makes it a much tougher fight. But when you let your hands down and you let the smaller man come close and he is a power puncher, that is a huge problem.


Dan Rafael:           Adonis, do you feel like maybe Chad was a little damaged from the Ward fight and that you maybe would’ve knocked him out, but because he was damaged, it made you look that much better because of how quickly you were able to do it?


Adonis Stevenson:      No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so because he was 175 weight class and strong and I don’t think that the punch – I gave him a good punch. That punch is a very clean and good punch and he was hands down. That is why. But it is not about the age because he was 168 and, you know, he was ready for the right and he was training for the fight. And, you know, when you fight a power puncher, you have to be at any time look what happens because you never know – you never know in boxing when the punch is coming so you have to look and keep your distance and watch everything, you know? But, no, I don’t.


Dan Rafael:           Adonis, thank you very much.


Yvon Michel:        Dan, maybe one remark that Chad Dawson didn’t believe what – the hype behind Adonis Stevenson. When he walked in, he was relaxed, smiling, comfortable, happy to be there. And when the first round started, he ran – he went to Adonis and Adonis told me after the fight, he said, “Wow. He’s coming to me. It’s going to be easier.” He never believed how strong of a puncher Adonis was until he got hit. So it just made…




Dan Rafael:           The Superman punch.




Yvon Michel:        Sorry?


Dan Rafael:           I said with the Superman punch.




Yvon Michel:        Superman punch. Sorry, Gary?


Gary Shaw:           Yvon, you should’ve told me that before the fight.


Dan Rafael:           All right, guys. Thanks very much for your time. Good luck, Adonis. Thanks.


Adonis Stevenson:      Thank you.


Operator:               The next question is from Phil Doherty with Fight News. Please go ahead.


Phil Doherty:         Hi. Thank you. Adonis, it would be fair to assume that Cloud is not looking to leave his fate in the hands of the judges for this fight. Obviously, you are fighting in front of your hometown crowd. He is likely going to be a busier fighter as he was during his championship years under Al Banani again.


What is the plan should he land a lucky punch of his own and you find yourself at some point during the fight staggered or wobbled?


Adonis Stevenson:      My plan? My game plan?


Phil Doherty:         Yes.


Adonis Stevenson:      You know, my game plan is really simple. Soon Tavoris Cloud is going to make a mistake I’m going to mop him up.


Yvon Michel:        But, Adonis, keep that in mind as this goes on (unintelligible)…


Adonis Stevenson:      Anyways, I’ve got a game plan so I know how this guy is going to — or what he is going to try. That is why I would prepare for anything. I know that the first two, three rounds are going to be fireworks. I’m ready. So I’ve got – that is why I practice my defense, I practice my movement. So I’m ready for anything he brings.


Phil Doherty:         Thank you, champ. Obviously, Cloud did have issues with the last southpaw he faced with Campillo. A lot of people thought he lost that fight although he got the decision. Do you have any plans to basically — and you mentioned the Superman punch — obviously, he is an orthodox fighter. You mentioned, also, you plan to knock him out. Are you looking for the early knockout like you did against Dawson or is this something where you are going to kind of see what he has to bring early and then pace yourself for the knock out in the middle-to-later rounds?


Adonis Stevenson:      It depends on what he is bringing, you know? That is why I’m going to be ready for anything. That is why as soon as he makes a mistake I’m going to catch him because I know with Campillo, he comes with a stronger and faster, so I’m ready for that, too. That is why I’ve practice with my trainer everything he can bring. I practiced everything I would think and he can bring on the table so I will be ready.


Phil Doherty:         Thanks, Adonis. And the last question. Obviously, should you pass through Cloud in your first attempt next week, who do you think would be a great next fight? There’s a lot of big names out there. Obviously, I think a fight that a lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing would be someone like a (Kobelev) who just became a champion himself. Any thoughts to that and maybe Sugar can address this as well?


Javan Hill:             Well, I think that, right now, we’re focusing on the Tavoris Cloud fight and what happens in the future is something that has to be discussed with Yvon and GYM Promotions. Anybody that they feel that we should face would be a good enough opponent whether it is (Sergey) or if it’s Bernard. I know one thing Adonis does, he wants to unify the light heavyweight championship, you know, that division. He wants every belt in that division. It doesn’t matter which order they come in, as long as he gets them.


Phil Doherty:         Great. Thank you, gentlemen.


Operator:               The next question is from (Nancy) with TBS Sports. Please go ahead.


Nancy with TBS Sports, your line is open.


The next person in queue is Victor Salazar from Please go ahead, sir.


Victor Salazar:      Yes. Adonis, obviously, your last time out, you made a splash in the light heavyweight division. How comfortable and how acclimated are you to 175 and your ability to take a punch at 175 being that you haven’t gone a full round yet at 175?


Adonis Stevenson:      You know, I’ve swallowed heavyweight sparring so I sure can take a punch. So I’m doing – with Tavoris Cloud you achieve that. I practice my defense but, you know, if you have a firework, I can take a punch. I can take a punch. It is not a problem for me.


Victor Salazar:      And this question is for Sugar Hill. Javon, you opened the call stating that you were able to do a few different things in this camp. Was that because Adonis is more acclimated to the light heavyweight decision and, if so, what were those things that you were able to do in this camp that you weren’t able to do in the last camp?


Javan Hill:             The difference between this camp and that camp, once again, is that he is fighting a right-handed fighter who is something that he is very familiar with with fighting his whole career — amateur and professional.


You don’t run into two many southpaws at 6’3″ and very skilled. So it was more of finding the right sparring partners for the Dawson fight versus the Tavoris Cloud fight here. Everything that we work on mainly it goes off the basics. It is basic boxing and basic fundamentals. When you have your basic fundamentals down pat at 100% , it makes for easier fights and it makes it easier on fight night. You just wait for someone to make a mistake and you capitalize on that mistake. It is not that technical or that much of a secret. It is just basic boxing, as simple as that.


Victor Salazar:      And my last question, Tavoris Cloud, they say he’s a big puncher and he’s knocked down Campillo twice. Are you at all concerned about that power?


I know Gary is saying that that power is a little overrated. I mean, both of you can answer this. How do you see Tavoris Cloud and his power at 175?


Javan Hill:             I think his power at 175 is proven. It has been stated that he hasn’t had a knockout since 2008, but he is still in the same weight division. He has not gotten out. You have to respect that. It is not that we don’t respect that because punching power – you have to respect his punching power because he has gotten knockouts in the past and he is capable of getting knockouts in the future. The thing is to hit and not be hit and we don’t have to worry about that.


Victor Salazar:      What about you, Adonis? What do you think of Tavoris Cloud power at 175?


Adonis Stevenson:      He got power. I respect that, too. He has power. I practiced with my trainer. We practiced everything on sparring — everything. So I know what I’m going to do and I know, too, you know, he got rid of Mack out, too.


Gary Shaw:           This is Gary Shaw.


Adonis Stevenson:      The next knockout is…




Gary Shaw:           If Cloud throws wide, the fight is over.


Adonis Stevenson:      I think the last knockout is from 2008 with Yusaf Mack, but you know, I feel – you feel knocked a couple boxers out before that. I respect his power.


Victor Salazar:      And, Gary, I heard you in the background. What did you say? If Cloud throws wide, the fight is over?


Gary Shaw:           If Cloud – exactly. If Tavoris Cloud throws a wide punch, the fight is over. Remember I said that. Whether it is round one, two, three, four, nine, the first wide shot that he throws, Stevenson will knock him cold.


Victor Salazar:      All right, guys. I’ll remember that. Good luck Saturday.


Adonis Stevenson:      Thank you.


Operator:               The next question is from Jeremy Filosa with 98.5 FM in Montreal. Please go ahead.


Jeremy Filosa:       All right. Thanks very much. I’ve got a couple of questions for you guys. Yvon, what we are hearing is that if this fight is a quick one like it was against Chad Dawson, there is a chance that Adonis may actually be back in the ring as early as late-November in your Quebec City card. Is that a possibility?


Or we are also hearing, if the fight goes a little bit longer, that he might be on the Booth A Paschal card in January as a secondary fight seemingly that Tony Bellow might not be someone that may sell as many tickets here in Montreal. Can you comment about that, please?


Yvon Michel:        It definitely will not happen. This will not be on the January 18 with Paschal Booth A. We will make a decision — the team altogether with Adonis and everybody with HBO — what will be the next step after the fight. We can anticipate anything.


For sure, we already have some plans, but right now, everything is focused for that fight because if Adonis doesn’t win that fight then there will be no next one. That will mean that Cloud will have to fight Bellow. I am telling you, though, that the next opponent of Adonis Stevenson is Tony Bellow.


Jeremy Filosa:       Okay. So it is Tony Bellow and we will see if there is a chance that he actually can go up in the ring in November?


Yvon Michel:        We’ll see after the fight.


Jeremy Filosa:       Okay. Question for Gary Shaw. Gary, it’s nice talking to you again. Can you give us an update on Chad Dawson because we haven’t heard much from him since the last fight? Where is he at? What are the prospects ahead of him? Where is his frame of mind and everything?


Gary Shaw:           Well, obviously, it was a tough loss when you are not only the WBC world champion but the linear world champion. It is a major shock to lose that belt and the linear championship. He is in Las Vegas. He is, obviously, taking his time recuperating, going back in training. Yvon and I have some unfinished business with Dawson and Stevenson.


Jeremy Filosa:       All right. So we might see a rematch somewhere down the road is what you are saying?


Gary Shaw:           That is for us to discuss. We are not ready to discuss it with the press at this moment, but I don’t personally think that Adonis Stevenson has seen the last of Chad Dawson.


Jeremy Filosa:       All right. Thanks.


Operator:               Our next question is from (Nancy) with PBS Sports. Your line is open. Please go ahead.


(Nancy):                Bonjour, Adonis and bonjour (unintelligible). Sorry, guys, it’s going to be a question in French. ((French spoken 0:46:23)).


Yvon Michel:        ((French spoken 0:46:46)).


She is asking to Adonis that people believe that Adonis is a power puncher, but if the fight gets longer, that it might be at the advantage of Cloud, so she wants to know what Adonis thinks about that?


Adonis Stevenson:      ((French spoken 0:47:15)).


Yvon Michel:        Yes. Adonis said that he has done 12 rounds already with Donovan George. He was injured with his left hand so he had to use only his right hand and change his game plan and, finally, was full of energy when he got into the last round and then knocked out Donovan George. So, for him, it is no problem. He understands that he has not done a lot of long fights, but it is because the opposition were not able to take his punches. But if he has to, he doesn’t see at all that it will be a disadvantage or an advantage to Cloud.


(Nancy):                ((French spoken 0:48:25)).


Yvon Michel:        Okay. Bob, next one.


Operator:               Gentlemen, there are no more questions in queue.


Bob Trieger:          Okay. I want to thank all of our speakers and the participating media for taking the time. Remember, the return of “Superman” Saturday night, September 28. Whether you are watching live at the Bell Centre or on HBO, don’t blink because Stevenson versus Cloud should come to an explosive conclusion at any moment. Good afternoon.


Yvon Michel:        Merci. Thank you, everybody.


Group:                   Thank you.


Yvon Michel:        Merci. Thank you, everybody.




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