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Trainer Jovan Sugar Hill Interview on Salita and Bracero: Let’s Make It Happen!

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


In a Real Combat Media exclusive interview ringside after a boxing card at Fight Factory Arena in Brooklyn, New York, Emanuel Steward’s nephew and longtime Kronk gym trainer Jovan ‘Sugar’ Hill, now training Adonis Stevenson and Dmitry Salita, spoke out on the ongoing possibility of a match between welterweights Salita and Gabriel Bracero.


Great interest at Fight Factory Arena for a pending Salita versus Bracero all-Brooklyn matchup created crowd buzz and waves for the possible fight, rumors which will not die, a 147 pound matchup between welterweight contenders Gabriel Tito Bracero and Dmitry Salita, who have been calling each other out for over nine months. Salita, Bracero and Hill called for Bracero’s promoter Lou DiBella to put the fight together again immediately.


Real Combat Media: “Gabriel, did you state you would only take the fight at 154 pounds?”


Gabriel Tito Bracero: “I’m at weight in I’m in top form! I will take the fight at 147 pounds with Salita. Let’s make it happen!”


Real Combat Media: “When would the fight take place?”


Dmitry Salita: “In September or October 2013, after the Jewish holidays. We (me and Bracero) both agree.”


Sugar Hill: “Salita and Bracero are ready to do the fight right now! It doesn’t matter when. Lou DiBella is interested in the fight as well.”


Real Combat Media: “Talk about Salita versus Bracero has gone back and forth in both training camps for six months now.”


Sugar Hill: “They’re still talking. This bout is something they both want. This bout can happen anywhere. Dmitry Salita wants a big win so he can get a world championship fight, with his reborn skills. I’m assuming Salita versus Bracero will happen in New   York. These (fighters) are two New Yorkers.”


Real Combat Media: “Sugar, how long have you been training Dmitry?”


Sugar Hill: “Two years now, along with my world champion Adonis Stevenson. Dmitry is doing the things he always did which got away from him. Dmitry is back to doing the things he’s comfortable as a boxer: head movement, footwork, jabbing of course, and he likes to rip (shots) to the body.”


Real Combat Media: “Can Dmitry Salita beat Tito Bracero? Is it a good fight?”


Sugar Hill: “Can Dmitry beat Tito? I believe so. Is Salita versus Bracero a great fight for New   York? Yes, if it is built (promoted) right, and gets all the attention it deserves.”


Real Combat Media: Has Dmitry been preparing to fight Bracero, or somebody else?”


Sugar Hill: “Dmitry is ready whenever they make the fight. We’ll come up with a game plan in camp. He’s training for the fight.”


Real Combat Media: “This fight will not die, it has remained on the table making waves.”


Sugar Hill: “Until they get it on. Salita versus Bracero, let’s make it happen!”





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