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Iceman Scully

Iceman John Scully Says Chad Dawson’s Career is Likely Over


By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Correspondent


New York, NJ(June 11th, 2013)–In a new exclusive interview with Real Combat Media after his former student Chad Dawson got knocked out in the first round by Adonis Stevenson and lost his World Boxing Council World Light Heavyweight title, noted boxing trainer Iceman John Scully indicated Dawson’s career is probably over. Going back before the Andre Ward fight, problems training and dealing with Dawson caused Scully to want to break with Dawson and move on. In a follow up to last week’s interview in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Scully, reached by telephone in Hartford, Connecticut, elaborated his views in greater detail on what happened to Chad.


Real Combat Media: “Can Chad come back from this loss?”


John Scully: “My gut feeling tells me no. Chad’s done.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you return to Chad and train him for a rematch with Adonis Stevenson?”


John Scully: “I would never train Chad again in a million years. After the Ward fight, I made up my mind I wasn’t going to train Chad anymore. I let it go.”


Real Combat Media: “Where did Chad and his new trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad go wrong?”


John Scully: “Chad’s going to fight for the first time back after getting stopped by Andre Ward. Adonis Stevenson is a big puncher, and pound for pound, the guy’s the biggest puncher in the world right now. This was the wrong fight. After dropping weight to fight a guy like Andre Ward, you lose something.”


Real Combat Media: “You did not want Chad to drop weight from 175 to 168 pounds to fight Andre Ward.”


John Scully: “I found out about the Ward bout (only) after it was set.”


Real Combat Media: “Where does Chad Dawson stand now.”


John Scully: “Chad is damaged goods. The gist of the whole original interview article with Real Combat Media (last week) was did Andre Ward take something from Chad?”


Real Combat Media: “Explain the reference further now regarding Ward.”


John Scully: “The experience of fighting Ward in a depleted state took something from Chad. He weighed 173 at the start of the five week training camp in Las Vegas, then weighed 175 the night before the weight in. He hit the treadmills at 50 minute intervals, and sweated in the sauna room at 25 minute intervals, did not eat before the weigh in and lost the weight to 168 pounds by the time of the weigh in the next day. That was after spending two months struggling to get to 175 pounds.”


Real Combat Media: “What did you tell Chad’s strength coach?”


John Scully: “I told the strength coach after five weeks I think this is wrong, and he told me to mind my own business. He’s always with Chad. This was the first time Chad had to lose weight in such dramatic fashion.”


Real Combat Media: “Why do you think Chad got floored by Stevenson?”


John Scully: “That was a titanic shot (Chad got hit with) the way he fell. Adonis was in a huge state of adrenalin rush. If they had let it (the fight) go, Adonis probably would have killed Chad.”


Real Combat Media: “Iceman, where did Chad’s training go wrong without you?”


John Scully: “If you know a guy can punch like Adonis Stevenson, that’s the great equalizer. You don’t have to punch like Stevenson to hurt someone. No matter how much training you have, you get hit with a shot like that, you’re gone.”


Real Combat Media: “Where were you when Chad got knocked out?”


John Scully: “I was at the International Boxing Hall of Fame dinner in canastota, New York, last Saturday night. I saw a replay of the fight. I was with former World Light Heavyweight champion Reggie Johnson.”


Real Combat Media: “In reflection, what course of action would have been a better road for Chad? You were his trainer when he was the undefeated world champion in the light heavyweight division, where you were a major force as a fighter back in the day.”


John Scully: “I think if I (were able to take) took a different approach training Chad for the Andre Ward fight (Chad was not listening to John during training preparations for Ward),  Chad could have done better, including making weight. Oh for sure, it would have been an even fight. Chad would have done much better.”


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