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Shelly Vincent Received Her Crown as the New WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association International Bantamweight Champ

By Pattee Mak- Ringside

Providence, RI (May 17, 2013)–  Jimmy Burchfield’s CES put on another action packed boxing event at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island.  For the main event we saw the females in action.  Fan favorite Shelly “Shelito” Vincent of Providence, Rhode Island vs. Angel Gladney of Columbia, South Carolina.

Fighting 8 rounds in front of all her fans for the vacant WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association International Bantamweight title. Round 1both came out strong.  Towards the end of the round Gladney landed lefts and rights and continuing the jabs by backing up Vincent.   Round 3, 4 and 5 Both Vincent and Gladney tossed around combinations but Vincent landed the better and quality combos. At one point in Round 4, Gladney slipped but not a knock down.  Round 6 continuing much of the same action. Right before the end up the round, Vincent landed a great uppercut and staggered Gladney’s head back.  Round 7 Vincent landed a left hook and brought Gladney to the canvas.  Round 8 Same action while fans were on their feet while cheering “Shelly”.

Both fighters were both jackrabbits in the ring, not a ton of defense.  There were so many punches thrown by both opponents that you’d wonder if they’d punch themselves out.

Judges scored the fight 80-71; 79-72 and 79-72.

Vincent increased her record to 9-0-0 and Gladney decreased her record to 8-8-1.

CO-MAIN EVENT:  Latif Mundy of Philadelphia, PA vs. local fan favorite “Mr. Providence” Vladine Biosse of Providence, RI.

Round 1 started off slow.   Both opponents were feeling each other’s distance.   Latif worked Boisse on the ropes and Biosse turned it right around.  Round 2 Biosse kept it up by going to the body.  Round 3 Latif after the bell was rung continued to pounce on Biosse.  Round 4 Biosse cornered Latif on the corner ropes and continued to aggressively throw combinations.  Round 6 Biosse landed a left uppercut on Latif, followed by a right hook.   Latif later landed a left uppercut on Biosse.  All in all, no one was dropped, no point deductions.  Both fighters fought a technical fight.  After 8 rounds the judges scored it 79-73; 80-72; 78-74.

Biosse increases his record to 15-2-1 and Mundy decreases his record to 10-6-0.

Other bouts of the evening:

Super middleweights Joe Gardner vs. Richard Gingras.  Gingras who started in the TV series “The Contender”.   6 rounds both fighters showed up with their fans.   Judges scored the fight 58-56 for Gingras; 58-56 for Gardner and 58-56 for Gingras. Winner by split decision Gingras.




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