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Ronica Jeffrey Outpoints Gerula To Win IWBF World Super Featherweight Title

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Correspondent- Ringside


It was a quiet rainy night at Westchester County Center for a boxing card. Former World Heavyweight champion Larry Holmes, scheduled to appear to assist in the live commentary, was a no-show. A seven bout card was presented by Diane Lee Fischer’s Dee Lee Promotions, with top matchmaking by Nick Tiberi. The bouts were exciting and competitive. Fischer, best known for staging boxing cards in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at The Tropicana, has shifted her promotion to the New York City area. Dee Lee Promotions has three more cards scheduled for Fall 2013.


In the main event on Friday, May 24, 2013, at Westchester County Center, in White Plains, New York, for the vacant International Women’s Boxing Federation World Super Featherweight title, Ronica Jeffrey, the interim champion, won the title with a unanimous ten round decision over Olivia Gerula. The rounds were two minute rounds. Former World Female Light Welterweight and Welterweight champion Kathy Collins provided commentary for the internet broadcast ringside on Gofightlive.


Jeffrey, 13-0, 1 knockout, Brooklyn, New York, ranked third in the world among female super featherweights on BoxRec,  had height and reach advantage. Former World Boxing Council Female World Super Featherweight champion Gerula, now 13-14-2 with three knockouts, Winnipeg, Canada, had the experience of being in her sixth consecutive female world title fight.  There is always the question of weather lesser known female world titles are competitive with the female version of the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF world titles. Jeffrey answered the question. They do.


Gerula tried to fight her way inside from the start, but Jeffrey moved in and out and side to side all night, not leaving Gerula with a target to attack. Occasionally both fighters would land a power shot here or there, or go toe-to-toe on the inside. Neither fight had a knockout punch, and Jeffrey won most rounds with technically precise single jabs which scored which making Gerula miss frequently.


Gerula came forward with pressure and tried to cut off the ring, tried but missed most opportunities as Jeffrey stayed on the move and provided no target.  Jeffrey won seven rounds on punch count volume and straight jabs which scored. Gerula, from Canada, and Jeffrey were in top condition and neither fighter was hurt during the ten rounder. Referee Ron Lipton did a masterful job, becoming invisible, incredibly, not have to break the fighters once during the contest. Both fighters came into the bout serious and tried to win. Clean bout. Fourth world title bout loss in a row for Gerula after winning two WBC world title bouts.


Real Combat Media scored the bout 97-93 for Jeffrey. Despite Gerula being from Canada, the judge’s scorecards appeared neutral and fair. Gerula had been out of the ring 18 months, while Jeffrey had fought and won 42 days prior. Both fighters had a game plan. Jeffrey used her height and reach advantage to perfection. Something like Floyd Mayweather versus Robert Guerrero occurred, whereby Gerula tried to get inside but couldn’t. Unlike Guerrero, Gerula did not give up trying to fight her way inside all night, and forced some key even exchanges on the inside once on a while. Gerula just would up out of range either in center ring, or chasing Jeffrey around the edges of the ring, and the lost the game of cat and mouse.


Jeffrey must now wait to see if she will have a chance at the winner of WBC Female World Super Featherweight champion Frida Wallberg of Sweden versus WIBA Female World Super Featherweight champion Diane Prazak of Los Angeles, California, on June 14, 2013, in Stockholm. Gerula, who entered the ring with a broad smile, gave it a shot and was outclassed, but was most certainly ‘in the house’.


Result: Ronica Jeffrey Win 10 Olivia Gerula, Female Super Featherweights

(Wins Vacant IWBF World Female Super Featherweight Title)

Scoring: 99-91, 99-91, 98-92 for Jeffrey. Referee: Ron Lipton

Clean bout, with no holding, breaks, fouls, or injuries during the world title contest.


Undercard Bouts


Tommy Rainone Win Split Decision 6 James Winchester, Junior Middleweights

Winchester was penalized a point by referee Johnny Callas in the first round for elbowing off the break. As a result, Rainone wins 57-56, 57-56, 55-58 on the cards.


Alexis Mejias Win Split Decision 6 Ahmed Samir, Heavyweights

Ahmed Samir was penalized a point by referee David Fields in the sixth round for hitting off the break. As a result, Mejias wins 57-56, 57-56, 55-58 on the cards.


While the above bouts were ugly hard fought bouts by both participants, the above point deductions were flagrant fouls, and Real Combat Media supports the decision of the referees and the NYSAC in both contests. Both bouts would be good candidates for rematches in New York in the future.


Dorsett Barnwell Win 6 David Williams, Heavyweights

Super Heavyweight Dorsett ‘The Bullet’ Barnwell outweighed Williams by 36 pounds, 257 to 221. Williams was down in the fifth round, but survived.


Antowyan Aikens Win 6 Yasin Abdur-Rashid, Light Heavyweights

Iceman ‘Antowyan’ Aikens had height and reach advantage. Rashid tried to lunge his way inside for all six rounds, and either missed, got hit, or wound up in a clinch.


Yuchua Nieves KO 3 Edwin Cotto, Junior Lightweights

Tuchua ‘Geico’ Nieves knocked out Cotto on ropes for a ten count with a body shot.


Luis Esquillin Win 4 David Warren Huffman, Lightweights

Unique bout featuring two fighters with losing records, won by Southpaw Esquillin.




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