Second Alamo Canelotime: Alvarez Versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Rob Guerrero

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Correspondent


The bottom line in professional boxing in 2014 boils down to two possibilities: Canelo Alvarez will either fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Robert Guerrero. It boils down to a question of which man does more hard work, and wants to win the most.


The majority of boxing experts like Floyd, but this is by no means a mandate. A minority of individuals feel the aging Floyd is ripe for being beaten, and believe it is Robert Guerrero, and not Saul Alvarez, who will beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. first.


Canelo has unified the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council World Junior Middleweight titles and reached 42-0-1 at age 22. Canelo has youth, strength, smarts, height and reach on his side.  Floyd is at 43-0 but at age 36, gives away 14 years. Youth versus experience? Hardly. Floyd’s WBC World Welterweight title seems worth fewer peanuts next to Canelo’s two world title belts, though Floyd held the WBA Junior middleweight crown before Canelo. The Karate Kid’s Keisuke Miyagi taught us on film that a true belt for a martial artist represents nothing more than what holds your pants up. It isn’t the belt which makes the fighter, it’s the fighter which makes the belt. It’s a constant reminder soon forgotten.


The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, might just host the Mexican Canelo Alvarez’ next bout again. Will it be Floyd? Will it be Robert Guerrero? Well, I liken Floyd’s bout with Robert Guerrero to Paul Williams versus Erislandy Lara. The judges, like the fans, are as impressionable to boxing celebrities as anyone. Williams won a decision over Lara he probably did not deserve. Floyd will win a 12 round stinker of a decision over southpaw Robert Guerrero he probably doesn’t deserve.


Robert Guerrero needs to knock out Floyd to take the WBC title. Robert Guerrero needs to show up to get paid. Canelo Alvarez might be the only fighter alive today who the judges would vote for over Floyd Mayweather Jr. This fact is part of what makes the possible matchups with Canelo, Floyd or Robert Guerrero, interesting.


The Second Alamo is coming. Remember the Alamodome! It will be Canelotime. If you told me an annoyed Floyd toyed with his opponent all night, I’d say I’ll told you so.





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