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Rossman Brizel


Mike Rossman’s Shining Moment

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media Correspondent


Though his real name is Michael Albert De Piano, he was known to the world as light heavyweight boxer Mike Rossman. Rossman debuted on August 10, 1972, with a second round knockout of Stanley Dawson in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  A native of Turnersville, New Jersey, Rossman would eventually get inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.


In his first 42 professional bouts, the only unavenged losses Rossman would incur would be against Alvaro Yaqui Lopez and Tony Licata. both world ranked contenders. Rossman beat the likes of Gary Summerhays, Mike Quarry (twice)m Christy Elliott, Ray Anderson, Marcel Clay, Jose Anglada, Gene Wells, Steven Smith, Mike Nixon, Matt Donavan (twice), Nate Dixon, Mike Morgan, and many more to legitimately earn a World Boxing Association world title shot.


On April 14, 1979, Mike Rossman stopped Victor Galindez in the thirteenth round at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, to win the WBA World Light Heavyweight title. The victory would prove to be Rossman’s shining moment.


Howard Cosell Prefight coverage and Mike Rossman Interview on YouTube


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Mike Rossman WBA Title Defense Aldo Traveraro December 5, 1978 on YouTube


Mike Rossman versus Mike Quarry III May 11, 1977 bout on YouTube


Mike Rossman versus Robert White and Charley Smith 1983 Bouts on YouTube


Rossman defended the title once, a sixth round stoppage of Aldo Traversaro at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 5, 1978. Rossman lost the title in a rematch with Galindez at the Superdome in April 1979, then got stopped by Ramon Ronquello in September 1979 and his career seemed over. Rossman won 8 of 9 comeback bouts between 1980 and 1983, with six of his comeback bouts won in the tenth round. He lost only to future world champion Dwight (Braxton) Muhammad Qawi. Mike Rossman retired in 1983 at age 28 with his faculties intact.





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