By: Pattee Mak

North Bergen,NJ– (October 24, 2012) On November 10, 2012, Mariusz Wach (27-0-0, 15 kos) of North Bergen, NJ by way of Krakow, Poland will be fighting Wladimir Klitschko (58-3-0, 50 ko’s) of Kiev, Ukraine at the World Arena in Hamburg, Germany.  Klitschko will be defending his, IBF heavyweight title, WBO heavyweight title and the IBO heavyweight title and Wach is looking to grab them all.


[Since Wach does not speak English, only Polish, the following questions and answers were interpreted by Kasia Niedzwiecka, his interpreter and were via email.]


Pattee Mak:  The last time I interviewed you in 2011, I asked you if anyone was barking at your door looking to challenge you for a fight?  You responded “Yes, I have couple of challenges but that’s something I leave to my promoters, Mariusz Kolodziej and Jimmy Burchfield. We recently got a proposal from the Klitschko brothers. Whether or not that ends up happening, it’s not up to me. I focus on my training and I leave the business to my promoters.”  Now it’s 2012, and in a few weeks, history will be in the making. When did everything finally come together for this match up?


Wach: Well, I’ve received several proposals from both Klitschko brothers. Together with my trainers and promotes we have finally decided that it’s the right time to accept the offer. The final decision was made two or three months ago.


Pattee Mak:  How did the terms play out in the contract concerning if you win the bout will there be any control by the Klitschko’s team?


Wach: Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk about it. I can only say that we have come to terms that satisfy both sides.


Pattee Mak:  You currently are the WBC International heavyweight champ.  Why is your title not up for grabs?

Wach: Beause it’s a fight for the world championship, and I’m challenging Vladimir for his belts.


Pattee Mak:  What’s your game plan going into this fight? One thing for sure is your height advantage and you have a tiny bit more of a reach.
Wach: It wouldn’t be smart to reveal my plan before the fight. 😉 I have to take it easy, see what the opponent gives me to work with during the fight. If I get the opportunity to knock him out comes, I will take full advantage.


Pattee Mak:  What would you like to say to your opponent?


Wach: Get ready for a tough fight, because I’m ready, and I won’t give up!


Pattee Mak:  Some are saying that you are too slow for Klitschko.  Any comments?


Wach: Yes. Watch the fight. I’ll prove what I’m worth on November 10th.


Pattee Mak:  You are clearly the underdog.  Klitschko has twice as many fights as you have, more knock outs and more experience in the ring.  But in boxing anything is possible.  For those whom bet against you or feel you are just an opponent, what would you like to say to them?


Wach: Haters gonna hate. I’ve been treated as an underdog my whole life. I got used to it. One of my advantages in this fight is that I have nothing to lose, while Klitschko can lose everything he’s been working for his entire career.  Also, just like you said, in boxing anything is possible, especially in the heavyweight division.


Pattee Mak:  This clearly will be the toughest fight of your boxing career.  I know it’s a premature question but what comes afterwards for Wach?   Anyone else you’d like to fight? 
Wach: Honestly, I’m not thinking about it at all. I’m focusing on the upcoming fight, trying to tune out everything else.


Pattee Mak:  You are currently in Poland.  Is your trainer, Juan DeLeon with you?


Wach: No, I’m training with my wife 😉 (laughing). Yes, I’m working here with Juan and Piotr Wilczewski, a great fighter and friend, who agreed to help me during training camp. The rest of my team will join me in Hamburg.


Pattee Mak:  Your hometown Krakow, Poland isn’t too far away from Germany. I’ve seen you in action on two occasions especially where the Polish fans came out in droves to see you with their scarves, banners and loud voices.   I’m wishing now that I could be present for this fight to feel the excitement.  Will you be having the same amount of people in Germany cheering you on, maybe some sort of bus trip or do you think more will be coming out to see you?


Wach: I love my Polish fans, they are the best. I’ve had huge support from them so far, and I hope they will also be there for me in Germany. However, I understand that many people can make it, as Hamburg is pretty far, especially from the U.S. I know there are buses coming from Poland, and it’s really nice to know that these people will go so many miles just to see me fight.  Also, don’t forget that two of my Polish friends, Patryk Szymanski and Michal “TNT” Chudecki will also be fighting on the same card.  It will be a great night of boxing for the Polish crowd.


Pattee Mak:  What would you like to say to your fans in Poland, the US and around the world?


Wach: Watch the fight November 10th! I’ll do my best not to disappoint you and to make sure you have the first Polish heavyweight champion in the history of boxing.


You can follow Wach’s progress in boxing, where he’s boxing etc etc at or on facebook at “Mariusz Wach”.


Thank you so much champ for taking the time to answer my questions and thank you Kasia Niedzwiecka for doing a great job interpreting them.  I am exciting for November 10 and I’ll be looking forward to see how this plays out.


For questions, suggestions or comments please find me on facebook under “Pattee Mak” on twitter @PatteeMak.


For the previous 2011 interview with Mariusz Wach, please click here:

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