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By: Tony Stewart

Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin faced a timeless Ronald “Winky” Wright, who is coming in after a 4-year layoff, in a 10-round junior middleweight fight that went the distance. Quillin gave a stalwart performance in matching Wright’s ring savvy with a committed and focused offense.

Round 1
The round begins with Wright trying to get into his rhythm after his 4-year layoff working from behind his jab. Quillin presents himself the stronger, younger more viable puncher, fighting relaxed behind his quicker reflexes and smart combination punching. The first round ends much the way it began with Winky trying to be first behind a jab parried by Quillin’s quick footwork.

Round 2
Action picks up with Wright showing more intent behind his jab by following up with a quick left-right combination attack rushing in against the younger Quillin. Quillin for his part is content to pick off Wright’s advance by choosing his counter-punching moments and quickly moving out of range of Wright’s attack. The round continues with neither fighter landing a significant punch to punctuate the round.

Round 3
The round opens with a nice quick combination from Quillin banging off the famous defense of Winky Wright. Quillin, slipping punches while ripping off combinations against Wright’s arms and elbows peppered with an occasional body punch finished with good slick movement. Mid-round sees Wright land a straight left against the face of Quillin and with a subtle shift in momentum, Wright is now moving forward behind quick combinations led by a right hand. The pace picked up a bit near the end of the round but nothing significant was thrown by either man.

Round 4
This round, Quillin is showing better defensive strategy and is growing in confidence at this point in his ability to catch the 40 year old Wright with smooth countering. Wright lands a nice right hand to the chin of Quillin who immediately counters back with a quick 3-punch combination to the body and head of Wright. So far the activity level of both fighters has remained consistent however the younger fighter has managed to ward off much of Wright’s tactics with athleticism and speed, keeping him ahead of his opponent. The round ends.

Round 5
Small nuances begin to emerge for Quillin in this round as he is showing greater poise and sharpness against the veteran with quick feints and counters. Punching to the body and head while Wright continues to parry some of the punches raining in, Wright momentarily backs Quillin to the ropes and bangs him to the face with 3 unanswered straight left hands. The fight action picks up as Quillin bounds off the rope circling out of Wright’s range. Quillin snaps out a straight right hand tagging Wright squarely on the chin sending Winky crashing to the canvass on the seat of his pants. Winky recovers himself, back on his feet within moments of going down and receives the standing 8-count and manages to end the round shakily but on his feet.

Round 6
Kid Chocolate is cruising on a swell of strong confidence and begins the round with a strong snapping set of punches to the body and arms of Winky Wright. The look of sheer determination in his eyes indicating he is completely focused and seeing everything. The majority of action of the round is dictated by the momentum of Quillin against the near impregnable defense of Wright, however they are hitting against a lowering amount of activity from Wright.

Round 7
Winky Wright weathers the storm of strong body punches from Quillin to begin the round. Wright, having moments of success in landing single punches is trying to walk the younger fighter back. Quillin has been pacing himself against Wright’s advance with snapping combination punches which show at this point in the fight he is the fresher of the two and has thrown the majority of the precise punches. The bell sounds the end of the round.

Round 8
Quillin taking the initiative tries to create his opening with a series of strong combination punches to the body and arms of Wright. Wright tries to punch his way through an over-crowding Quillin assault of punches and ties him up. Quillin throws a nice right hook that sneaks around the glove of Wright snapping his head back. Winky working behind his jab is looking to walk Quillin back to the ropes leads with a straight right and is caught with a strong uppercut from Quillin which momentarily stuns the veteran as he lunges forward crashing to the ropes. Quillin, charged by a surge of adrenalin tries to finish Wright off who is clearly unsteady on his feet but manages to weather the barrage of punches and manages to walk unsteadily back to his corner.

Round 9

Wright seeking to re-establish his position in the fight comes out strong against Quillin leading with straight right hands that push Quillin back and snaps a quick jab getting to Quillin’s head. Kid Chocolate keeps his composure and blocks the next several punches of Wright’s. The round ends without either man sustaining any further danger of injury.

Round 10
The final round of the fight. Quillin has found his groove against Winky by continuing to step around Wright’s punches and punching to the side of the head, Wright continues to attempt to lead Quillin into a surprise punch by leading with a straight jab to no effect. Quillin has shown all fight long a much better defense than what had been seen in previous fights. He is clearly the more effective fighter tonite however Winky Wright was still a game challenging opponent looking for his moment which would not come by the sound of the bell to signal the end of the fight.
The winner by unanimous decision: Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin. His most notable win against a future hall of famer, Winky Wright.

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