Timothy Bradley upsets Manny Pacquiao!!!!

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Timothy Bradley upsets Manny Pacquiao!!!!

By: Boxing Writer Scott Canipe

Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley .
Bradley looks very serious with great intensity in his eyes. After about a forty minute delay Manny appears to be distracted as he enters the ring! Very interesting.

Fight time!

Round 1 – Both fighters looking to feel  each other out. Timothy working double triple and quadruple jabs. Double jab followed by a hard right hand by Bradley. Manny barely misses with a straight left hand. Bradley is really working his jab. He is stalking Pacquiao and looking for openings. Both fighters are very cautious and have respect for one another. Bradley works his way in and throws a left and right to Pacquiao’s body. Manny is trying to connect with a straight left hand. Hard left hand by Manny Pacquiao! Manny hits him with another one, right on the button! And just before the round ends Manny Pacquiao connects with a another straight left hand on Timothy Bradley! Close round

Round 2 – Bradley goes to Pacquiao’s body with the right hand repetitively. Straight left hand by Manny Pacquiao! Bradley is trying to work but he is not as effective in round two as he was in round one. Bradley looks to be more cautious, but then he unloads a barrage of punches. Bradley just keeps coming and Pacquiao looks to catch him with that patented left hand!

Round 3 – Great left hand by Manny and Timothy tries to counter with a right hand of his own but misses. It is target practice from Manny Pacquiao as he consistently lands the straight left hand with a lot of firepower! He properly times that Punch and it lands consistently. Bradley looks to be losing some steam. He appears to be not quite as confident as he was in round one. Excellent exchange by both guys at the Bell!

Round 4 – Manny Pacquiao is now landing 40% of his punches. Good left hook to the body by a Bradley! Bradley is trying to trade with Pacquiao and Pacquiao obliges him. Bradley simply does not have the power to get Manny’s attention. Timothy stands in front of Pacquiao and tries to trade. Tim is getting nailed frequently because he is not moving his head effectively. Left uppercut from Pacquiao that thuds off of Timothy head. Pacquiao is pouring it on Timothy Bradley!! Timothy Bradley is hurt! Bradley is wobbly! He stands and tries to trade with Pacquiao! What a warrior!

Round 5 – Bradley is trying to box and counter with a left hook. But clearly some of the steam has been taking out of Timothy Bradley as he retreats and Pacquiao advances. Manny looking for the one left hand to end it all. Both men trade but Manny Pacquiao gets the better of the exchanges. At this stage, Pacquiao has too much firepower! Straight left hand and Timothy Bradley is wobbly and seriously hurt again. Bradley holds on, he recovers and they trade at the Bell!

Round 6 – At this stage Manny Pacquiao is simply dominating the fight! Max Kellerman said “so far you’re seeing a good fighter against a great fighter and that is the difference.” Triple jab followed by a right-hand lands for Bradley. Pacquiao’s unfazed and is looking to land his shots. Good right hook by Bradley. Another right hook by Bradley and Pacquiao comes back with shots of his own. Pacquiao has Bradley in the corner and is unloading power shots! He bombs Bradley repeatedly. A left uppercut and Bradley looks hurt, another left uppercut! A straight left hand and another one. It appears that Timothy Bradley has very little left as he paws a series of jabs!

Round 7
– Going into the seventh round Bradley is trying to trade with Pacquiao. The confidence of Timothy Bradley appears to be decreasing as Manny’s increases. Manny is just looking to place a combination to end it all. Both men are landing and Pacquiao gets the better of the combinations thrown. Good left hook by Manny Pacquiao. This plays into exactly what Manny Pacquiao wants Timothy Bradley to do and that is stand to trade.

Round 8 – Timothy Bradley is unsure what to do with this point. He tries to box a little bit by jabbing and moving and now we have the first headbutt of the fight. They trade fairly evenly. Manny is all over Bradley but then Bradley comes back! Timothy had a moment. Both men look a little winded and appear to be taking a break. Bradley throws a nice one-two, one-two combination. Bradley is doing much better in this round as his confidence appears to be coming back.

Round 9 – A straight left hand by Manny Pacquiao lands on Timothy Bradley. Both men measuring each other tend do a double left jab and missed with the right hand. Timothy is off-balance and wobbles to the left. It appears that his feet were in and in proper position. Both men trade toe to toe and Manny Pacquiao gets the better of it. Good right hook by Manny Pacquiao! Timothy continues to fight and try, but he is simply getting outgunned. Good right hook by Timothy Bradley! They wing power shots. Timothy comes on strong with nice combinations, mixing up his attack from the body to the head. Now Manny comes back! Great action! There is no quit in Desert Storm.

Round 10 – Mark Wahlberg sits at ringside and shakes his fist in approval. Pac-Man and Tim, measuring each other looking for openings. Bradley feigning and coming in with jabs and looking to counter Manny. Bradley is boxing fairly effectively in the 10th round, using his footwork looking to counter, as Manny advances forward in a stalking manner. Both men appear to be a little fatigued and their output has dropped.

Round 11 – Bradley looking to pour it on Manny Pacquiao in the 11th round. Pacquiao just looking for the one-shot. Bradley is trying to counter Manny Pacquiao, and he lands some very good jabs in this round so far. Pacquiao comes on with some hard shots but Timothy bobs/weaves and rollss effectively out of harms way.

Round 12 – They both come out and touch gloves. Timothy Bradley is going to have to knock Manny Pacquiao out to win this fight. Let’s see if he can do it. Bradley throws jabs as he maintains distance. Bradley is not really trying to press the action. Both men start exchanging but no one landing effectively. Bradley is actually winning this round, but he did not do enough to win the fight.


Judges scorecards are in 115-113 Manny, 115-113 Bradley, 115-113 Bradley

Wow! Timothy Bradley wins a controversial Split Decision! Many are going to cry corruption after this decision.

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