Carl Froch vs. Lucian Bute Results !!!

By: Tony Stewart

Round 1: The round opens with both men exuding confidence and nervous energy, feeling each other out, in the opening minute of the round. Bute fighting in the south paw stance and leading with a right jab walks Froch backwards measuring him with his jab. Carl Froch wastes no time in coming right at Bute with a lunching right hand that Bute easily blocks and counters with a stinging left hook that rocks Froch’s head back. Froch responds with a quick left-right combination to Bute’s head which he evades and Lucian counters with a two solid lefts catching Froch flush to end the round.

Round 2: The second round opens with Bute looking very relaxed still measuring Froch with his jab. Froch begins to use his jab to formulate his resistance to Bute’s momentum trying to establish his own rhythm in the fight. Bute lands a tight left hook to the body that Froch responds to by smiling and waiting patiently. Bute shoots a quick right jab followed by a right that misses and Froch immediately responds with his own quick right hand and catches Bute coming forward. Bute ties him up as the referee moves in to break the clinch while Froch is continuing to counter with right hands to Bute’s head. Back to the center of the ring Froch lands a quick left jab to Bute’s head with a minute left in the round. Wearily eyeing each other like two jungle cats, coiled and ready to strike Bute initiates the final flurry of the round with a short right to Froch’s chin. Froch immediately responds with his own quick right hook to the head of Bute, followed by a very strong flush right hand and jab as the round closes

Round 3: Froch is more vibrant and less nervous and tense as he is offering more of a jab feeling assured from the strong right-left combination ending round 2. The next 35 seconds of this round sees only one significant punch to the body of Froch by Bute, then followed by a hard right-left-right combination to Froch’s face. At this point in the fight, deciding to continue to pursue his man Bute is pressing his attack stepping forward behind his jab while Froch is still trying to measure distance and avoid being caught flush with combination punches. Bute leads with a straight right hand again which lands flush and Froch answers with a good right-left-right combination to Bute’s jaw momentarily stunting Bute’s advance. Bute steps backwards to the ropes as Froch unleashes a continuous assault of right-left-right combinations against Bute while he is pinned against the ropes measuring him with a good right uppercut. Clearly Bute is beginning to feel the effects and attempts to escape by holding. Froch takes advantage of the moment and continues to stalk Bute with the same combination to the head, Bute is steadily in retreat trying to avoid futher punishment against the ropes offering up meager resistance. Bute begins to move off the ropes back towards the center of the ring circling in an attempt to regain his composure when Froch leads with two right hands followed by a stunning looping left hook catching Bute flush sending him reeling to the ropes again covering up. Froch moves in to follow up but before he can Bute ties him up allowing himself time to recover as the ref moves in to break them apart. For the remaining 20 seconds of the round the only punches thrown are those of Carl Froch, he is relentless trying to end it while the ref looks on. Bute clutches as the the round ends and Bute walks slowly to his corner visibly hurt.

Round 4: Despite the disaster of round 3, Bute starts this round looking fresh resorting to his boxing, bouncing on his toes leading behind his jab and even sending a solid left hand crashing into Froch’s jaw. Bute is leading the round with great poise. Froch, impatient and wanting to capitalize on the effects of the last round lunges forward with a fusillade of punches, his momentum carrying him forward right into a quick left hook from Bute as Bute covers up and easily slides out of the corner spinning his man around and quickly landing a sharp counter right to Froch’s temple followed by a nice body punch as Froch lands his own left hand on Bute’s chin. He himself spins out of the corner back to the center of the ring. Bute is bouncing and fighting this round in his rhythm throwing a nice straight left hand at Froch’s head. Froch is using his jab slowly moving forward behind it as Bute, timing his jab responds with a lunging left that Froch avoids and counters with a quick left of his own against Bute’s jaw. With 21 seconds left in the round Froch lands with a lead right hand to the jaw of Bute sending him back into the ropes, Froch steps back and lands a second thunderous right hand rocking Bute’s head back sharply, Bute is clearly hurt and ties Froch up. The ref breaks them apart, Bute is definitely staggered at this point as Froch unloads power shot after power shot against the head of Bute as the round closes.

Round 5: Froch wastes no time and keeps the pressure on Bute knowing his man is still reeling from the end of the last round. The left eye of Lucian Bute is flowing with blood as he attempts to evade Carl Froch. Froch’s leading right hand strikes like a cobra nailing Bute cleanly nearly leveling him, the ropes the only thing keeping him on his feet. Bute slides from the corner back to the center of the ring with his jab hand down baiting Froch to come forward hoping to time his advance, Bute steps backwards slowly, and once his back touches the ropes Froch unloads another right hand uppercut that nearly lifts Bute’s head off of his shoulders. Froch is releasing every punch with deadly intent pummeling Bute until he slumps against the ropes, the ref jumps in waving a cease to the action attempting to give Bute a standing 8-count, Froch along with everyone else in the arena takes the move as a signal that the fight is over. Froch is rejoicing in the corner with his hands raised in victory while the ref is counting Bute down. The ref attempting to give the champion every possible courtesy to prove he was still able to continue decides to wave off Bute ending the fight. Carl Froch is the winner by TKO victory and regains a super middleweight title for the third time.
Congratulations to both Lucian Bute and Carl Froch for a great fight and to Carl Froch for a spectacular victory. You showed you have the heart of a lion against a great fighter.

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