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Real Combat Media Publicity is a division of, which is one of the most successful international online combat sport’s publications since 2012. In addition to combat journalism, we are offer publicity services and social media services for businesses that specialize in boxing, MMA, fitness and all combat sports since 2016. In addition to our press release service, we are including our email distribution service that is specifically targeted at promoters, matchmakers, cornerman, combat equipment businesses, trainers, gyms, fighters and managers to help take your clients, fighters or business to the next level. We also distribute your press release to the top editors and writers in the combat industry.

Some of you may have just started your business or fighting career and that is why we guarantee we will offer the fairest rates in the industry to match your budget. However, we only work with the best clients in the industry because we have a certain standard of quality we have to maintain. All clients will have to pass a background check and go through an approval process.


Advertise your company profile and gain exposure in search engines and on our unique combat business directory, covering your target boxing or MMA industry. Published content on our mobile ready high traffic site will have priority on the search engines and target combat sport’s readers. One of the major advantages of our distribution list is your press release will be published on some of the other top boxing or MMA media and mainstream news publications to improve your SEO which includes backlinks. We also offer advertising banners on the homepage of our website and sponsored links.

Here are the services we are currently offering…


We will distribute your press releases to reach boxing journalists, attract new customers and gain visibility online via top search engines, thousands of websites, social media, blogger networks and most importantly on our targeted combat distribution list.

We also offer writing services for your boxing or MMA business. This includes apparel, equipment businesses, and gyms. Our editors specialize in catchy title headers and our combat sport’s writers specialize in writing sales articles for your business to maximize your web traffic to increase customers and brand recognition. We also own Real Combat Media Fight Store where we can feature your business as one of our affiliates or partners if your products fit our quality criteria for our readers. Some of our current partners are Sports Memorabilia, DAZN, ESPN Plus and Onnit in our Fight store.

Maximum 500 words and 3 photos per article or press release. If you need more words and photos, there will be additional costs. Approved articles may be published on our site and approved for our targeted combat distribution email list.


Real Combat Media has interviewed hundreds of the world’s best boxing and MMA fighters on our past featured internet radio program, youtube channels, and popular online international publication. RCM has also established solid business relationships with the world’s top promoters and consistently provides weekly international ringside coverage. Here is a list of all our interviews. Real Combat Media Interviews

You can invest in an interview for your amateur or professional fighter. Our trained writers can write a detailed interview that can help market your fighter of promotional company.


Real Combat Media staff has current and former fighters with many years of combat experience in boxing, many disciplines of martial arts and MMA. We offer fight strategy, fight tape review and will help advise approved fighters to help them improve their fight game as part of the fighter consultant services we do. You send us videos and we will do the rest.


If you are a promoter, manager or a fighter, we can help match you up with our quality matchmaking connections to help you recruit talent for a small fee. Send us an email if you are interested.


We can help develop or create your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook fan page. We can develop your fan pages or forums for you with the messages, videos and photos you provide. Real Combat Media currently runs over 10 social media pages. This service is excellent for clients who are very busy and do not have time to run their social media pages. This service is provided so fighters can focus on training and improving instead of wasting valuable time on social media.


You can purchase banners under all our major boxing and MMA articles on our international site or on the sidebars where all the readers are searching specifically for combat news.

WEB BANNER: YOUR BUSINESS LOGO will be below each article that clicks back to your website to increase your daily targeted traffic.  All of our readers are already searching for MMA and boxing material and your company will be seen by thousands of unique daily visitors. Our banner size options are (468 x 60) or (300 x 250) and will work on all mobile browsers. Email us for pricing.

15 viral social media complimentary posts will be included in any of our press release packages on all of our social media pages. We have a combined social media post reach of 150,000 readers per week and our email distribution list is 1700 and growing. This option is included on most of the advertising packages or press release services we offer.

Contact us by email for more information and rates at or call us at (908) 333-3759