Matador Ricardo Mayorga Returns at 43, Slays Zepeda In Three

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


 Managua, Nicaragua (April 3rd, 2017)–  Ricardo ‘El Matador’ Mayorga, returning to the ring at age 43, and weighing 175 pounds, scored a third round stoppage of Mexican journeyman Jaudiel Zepeda after 20 months of inactivity, in a Chaman Bar bout on April 1, 2017, in Managua, Nicaragua, and called out former champions Yori Boy Campas and Antonio Margarito.


Mayorga, 32-9-1 with 26 knockouts, Managua, Nicaragua, Mayorga slugged it out with the bigger Zepeda, 12-18-1 with nine knockouts, Indio, California, by way of Sinaloa, Mexico, who let his hands go and gave it a shot. Mayorga looked rusty in the first two rounds, allowing Zepeda to land a few punches here and there, but nothing which had any power.  Mayorga looked more annoyed. Late in the second round, Mayorga began landing harder shots.


Mayorga appeared more focused in round three. Mayorga cut off the ring with pressure, and began landing jabs and power shots with bad intent. Putting Zepeda on the gloves up earmuff defensive. Mayorga, who appeared impatient by that point, wanted to get the limited Zepeda out of there. Near the end of round three, Zepeda had his hands up but was not throwing any punches. Mayorga threw two vicious right hand body shots which found the mark, followed by a right to the head, which sent a wobbly legged Zepeda staggering sideways to the right into a corner, ready to go. Zepeda turned his back and held the ropes, causing the referee to wave an end to the contest at 2:50.


Contrary to other press reports, Zepeda did not refuse to continue, rather, the referee waved an end to the bout when Zepeda momentarily turned his back. Zepeda subsequently turned around again and opened his arms wide, in protest of the stoppage and seemingly wanting to continue, but the bout was already over. If there is a standing eight count in Nicaragua, Zepeda lost any chance of getting one when he turned his back to Mayorga, momentarily stunned and out of it. It was at that point the referee stopped Mayorga from moving in for the certain finish.

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