UK Heavyweight Joe Kacz earns a draw against the former UK Heavyweight Champ Julius Francis
By: Anthony L. Gonzalez

What many felt was a unfair decision or a robbery, Joe The-Guvnor Kacz and Julius Francis fought to a draw Friday night at the Coronet in London.

Many who attended this fight knew that Joe was the winner and was the busier of the two fighters. Joe, age 38, controlled the bout from start to finish. There were no knockdowns in the fight.

Some of the fans in attendance felt the decision was given a draw, out of respect to the former UK Heavyweight Champ Julius Francis. Julius Francis has fought all around the world. Julius has fought Mike Tyson, Oleg Maskaev,Vitali Klitschko and has beaten the best heavyweights in the UK. He is very popular among the UK fans and in Europe.

Here is what Joe Kacz had to say,

“The fight was not easy. Julius has been around in the world scale and can make a fight awkward and is hard to hit. The fight was a 5 round 3minute a round. I did better than him. I came prepared I hurt him with punches and I was too strong for him. I won this fight and even the crowds were against the draw decision. This is the end of my boxing career. There is life after boxing. I want to say thank you to all my fans who always bought tickets and followed me around the country God bless and thank you for your support . Also a big thank you to my sponsor Nadia Asif who made it possible for me to carry on this far and to the Allmighty God for protecting and keeping safe through every fight. ”

“I also want to thank my trainer Jerry Mortimer for being patient with me and teaching me everything I know.”

“I don’t know what the future brings so never say never to a comeback but I’m going to think hard about it but for now it’s asta la vista.”

Joe The-Guvnor Kacz will always be known as a courageous warrior with a huge heart who never ducked anyone. He is also a gentleman, a class act and a great ambassador to the sport of boxing. Here is the article we did on Joe Kacz last week.

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