Andre Berto Suffers Ruptured Left Bicep, Fight Postponed

By: Frank Rivera


Andre Berto suffered a ruptured bicep on his left arm yesterday during a sparring session, as he trained for his rematch against Victor Ortiz on February 11, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It appears that the injury was severe enough to require surgery of the ruptured left bicep, and because of the injury the fight has been postponed. 
The is reporting, that Berto suffered the injury during a sparring session, when he threw a short left hook and heard a pop. Berto was taken to the the hospital for an MRI, where it would reveal the injury to be serious as the muscle is detatched from the bone, arthroscopic surgery is required to repair the damage. Berto suffered similar injury to his left bicep during an eight round fight against Carlos Quintana on April 10, 2010.
We can only wonder what is going to happen next, could we see Ortiz vs Mayweather II? I am pretty sure in the next few days we will hear many rumors as to who Ortiz is going to fight next. 

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