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Heavyweight Sherman Williams New Interview: Calls Out Alexander Povetkin, Talks Ike Ibeabuchi, and More!

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

Alexander Povetkin is scheduled to fight in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday, May 18, 2019, but has no opponent for his scheduled 10 rounder yet listed, with less than 10 days to go.

Heavyweight veteran Sherman ‘The Caribbean Tank Tank’ Williams, 42-15-2 with 24 knockouts, age 46, Freeport, Bahamas, a winner of his last five bouts, including a 35 second knockout of Stacey Frazier in Nassau, Bahamas, of April 13, 2019, has a message for the number five heavyweight contender, former WBA World Heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin of Russia, age 39, whose last bout was a title stoppage loss to World Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Williams is ready to give Povetkin an education and retire him. At age 46, with a recent win, legally, at least some states and Russia will still license Williams and allow him o fight.

Sherman Williams: “I want to fight Alexander Povetkin now! Styles make fights! We can have a shootout at the O.K. Corral in Chicago, Illinois. We can have the shootout at the O.K. Corral in Chicago, or I will fight him in Moscow. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime. We can do it (the fight) in Moscow as well. As long as the money is right, we can fight. Period. I will take the fight to Alexander Povetkin, expose him, and stop him!”

Robert Brizel: “What you mean by the O.K. Corral is a slugfest, a shootout. Does that mean only one man will be left standing? At age 40, the odds will be even, more sauce for the goose. And if he’s forced to go the distance, it will be damaging even if he steals the decision?”

Sherman Williams: “Yes! Correct.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think Alexander Povetkin is afraid of you?”

Sherman Williams: “They (Alexander Povetkin’s people) cannot say nobody will fight him. ( I will) That’s right! This is a legitimate challenge!”

Robert Brizel: “Former top ranked heavyweight Ikemefula Ibeabuchi will be getting out of jail in four months, and hopes to become an American citizen and still make a comeback in the ring at age 47 after 20 years out of the ring. Your thoughts on Ibeabuchi’s comeback, and where his abilities might still be.”

Sherman Williams: “If Ike Ibeabuchi still has the desire for the ring, and his heart is still in it, he can be a top contender again. He will be a top contender again.”

Robert Brizel: “Explain the difference between the old school fighters of the 1990s and 2000s, who fought tough fights against the best of the best, and the padded undefeated records of the rising supposed heavyweight contenders today.”

Sherman Williams: “I think the difference is the fighters of the nineties and 2000s fought everyone, the mix, but today everyone is padded with paid for bouts until they are 10-0 or 15-0 with no real challenge, no real depth, with very little ability to fight in a (real) dogfight.”

Robert Brizel: “Which fighters called you out, then backed out? Weren’t Joseph Parker and Lucas Browne among them?”

Sherman Williams: “Yes. Joseph Parker, Lucas Browne, and Chris Arreola (asked about fighting me). They never showed me a contract.”

Robert Brizel: “You think fighters today are looking for easy fights, so they were and are (still) afraid to fight you?”

Sherman Williams: “Absolutely! Fighters today look for sure wins. Look at the Anthony Joshua scenario. They pick(ed Andy Ruiz Jr.) who they believe is the weakest link.”

Robert Brizel: “So you do not think Andy Ruiz Jr. is a serious challenge for Anthony Joshua?” (at Madison Square Garden on June 1, 2019, replacing Jarrell Miller)

Sherman Williams: “No, not from their point of view.”

Robert Brizel: “Via the grapevine, it has been said you want a 10 round rematch with former WBO World Heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, who you lost a 10 round decision to previously? Is this true? Why Joseph Parker?”

Sherman Williams: “Yes, because styles make fights, and I think I would knock him out (in a rematch). The scorecards in New Zealand in 2014 did not tell the true story of our first fight. Parker got a hometown decision. Well, we (my corner knew going over to New Zealand) knew we had (would have) to knock Joseph Parker out when we fought for the WBO Asian Pacific title. All three judges were from New Zealand (in New Zealand), and there was not one international judge.”

Robert Brizel: “You have done co-promotions in Nassau, Bahamas with Bahamian Sons Promotions. Your last card which you headlined on April 13, 2019, featured some young talent (six professional debuts of young Bahamas fighters). Tell about that.”

Sherman Williams: “Our boxing promotions in Nassau, Bahamas, are a platform launched to promote and showcase young and upcoming talent in the Caribbean.”

Robert Brizel: “Sherman, if you ended your career fighting for one of the many belts you have held or fought for previously, which belt would you like to fight for and win in your final bout, whenever that day comes?”

Sherman Williams: “It would be the World Boxing Federation World Heavyweight title (my no-contest with Evander Holyfield prevented me from winning it) or the World Boxing Organization Asian Pacific Heavyweight title. I’m ready to fight any of the top contenders in the heavyweight division today. I would go 12 rounds, and possibly stop a few of them. I have not gotten any calls for Europe, not recently. Tough durable fighters never get called out. The name of the game of the promoter is to get a guy who you can win over, that’s ninety percent of the boxing game today.”

Robert Brizel: “So, you are saying the better you are, the fewer fights you are going to get?”

Sherman Williams: “Of course! Everybody (in boxing with means) looks (is looking) for safe fights, winnable fights. That’s the way the heavyweight division is today.”

Robert Brizel: “And you are not viewed as safe? (a safe opponent)”

Sherman Williams: “No! Not at all.”

Robert Brizel: “Anthony Joshua. Tyson Fury. Deontay Wilder. Dillian Whyte. Jarrell Miller. If you could fight any and all of them right now, what would happen between you and each of these top flight heavyweights in the ring? Do they impress you?”

Sherman Williams: “A few do (impress me). I would give them more than they could handle, and possibly stop a few of them. Styles make fights. When a fighter is challenged and pressed, it’s when you see the best of the fighter. At 46, given the opportunity, I would be at my best. I have age and experience, and know how to scrap in a dogfight.”

Robert Brizel: “Like yourself, what will be Ike Ibeabuchi’s greatest asset that the rest will overlook?”

Sherman Williams: “Ike Ibeabuchi has heart and experience. He got the hardness and the grit that he left 20 years ago. The determining factor would be his will.”

Robert Brizel: “You mean he can impose his will on other fighters?”

Sherman Williams: Yes. Meaning, like myself, I don’t think Ibeabuchi is afraid of anybody else out there.”

Robert Brizel: “And, in the end, he will still be standing?”

Sherman Williams: “Yes. Will he (Ike Ibeabuchi) be given the opportunity? That’s the question mark. That’s the hardest part. Getting the opportunity (in boxing today).”

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Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert is the Head Boxing Correspondent for Real Combat Media Boxing since 2013. Robert is also a photographer and ringside reporter for the RCM Tri State region which includes NJ, NY and PA. Robert conducts exclusive interviews, provides historical boxing articles and provides editorial ringside coverage of major boxing events. You can contact or follow Robert on Facebook and by email at