Bellator 127 “Straus VS. Wilcox” Live Results from Pechanga Resort and Casino

By: Sensei Phillip Palmejar

Temecula, Calif. (October 3, 2014) – Bellator once again makes its way back around to Southern California’s Pechanga Resort and Casino.  Looking to find a place as #1 contendor in the featherweight division, headliner Justin Wilcox will take on former Featherweight Champion Daniel Straus.  Also on the card are the always dangerous former UFC fighters Karo Parisyan, Kendall Grove and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.  The temperature outside is in excess of 100 degrees while the temperature in the casino is as cool as the drinks behind the bar.  The combatants are ready for the preliminary fights and the fans are ready for action and excitement.


– Justin Baesman defeats Johnny Mercurio via Split Decision

– Ricky Rainey defeats Johnny Cisneros via TKO (Punches) at 3:18 of Round 1

– Rameau Thierry Sokodjou defeats Malik Merad via TKO (Elbows) at 4:04 of Round 2

– Keith Berry defeats Joe Pacheco via Split Decision

– Saad Awad defeats Sergio Rios via Unanamous Decision

– Ray Sloan defeats Nick Moghaddam via Unanamous Decision

– Shawn Bunch defeats David Duran via KO (Punches)

Main Event:

Christian M’Pumbu (18-6-1) vs Kendall Grove (20-14)

Round 1

They touch gloves at center cage and then Kendall throws a huge over hand right that drops M’Pumbu.  M’Pumbu is able to defend the onslaught with a two on one arm control on Grove’s left to get the fight back standing in a tight body lock.  They stay against the fence trading techniques back and forth from the clench range.  They seperate and  Christian eats a couple of knees from the taller Grove.  Another right lands for Grove as he seems to be finding his range on the feet.  Grove is surely the aggressor, landing both inside and outside leg kicks followed by combinations with the hands.  Kendall shoots for a double but M’Pumbu is fast and sprawls the attempt to the ground.  Now they are back against the cage working for control.  With very little time left they seperate but no significan damage is landed before the bell sounds for the first frame. (10-9 Grove)

Round 2

M’Pumbu cirlces at the start of round two and the fighters seem to be finding range.  M’Pumbu is fighting with his hands low and Grove lands a couple off jabs because of it.  Another left hook finds the mark fro Grove.  M’Pumbu is moving forward and is trying to take the momentum away from Grove but Kendall counters with a left head kick.  Grove lands a nice hook to the body and Christian counters with a right over the top that makes Grove shoot for the clinch.  Kendall attacks for the single leg and is successful.  Christian rolls to a knee bar and takes a couple of fists to the face for his trouble.  He perseveres but Grove is able to take his back in transition.  Grove applies the pressue and M’Pumbu is flat on his belly now.  Kendall attacks for the RNC and M’Pumbu taps.

Kendall Grove defeats Christian M’Pumbu via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:14 of Round 2

Rafael Silva (21-4) vs Rob Emerson (17-10)

Round 1

Silva starts with a huge spinning heel kick but hits nothing but air.  Silva throws a big right hand that lands but Emerson shakes it off.  Emerson lands a good counter right that backs Silva up but then Silva comes forward and lands a big right of his own.  Rob goes down and Silva jumps on him immediately.  Emerson is able to secure half guard and uses the position to recover from the punch.  Silva seems unable to advance his position and is landing insignificant strikes from the top.  Emerson recovers guard and Silva seems happy to work inside of it.  They are stood up to the crowds delight and meet toe to toe again.  Silva shoots in and is able to secure a single leg against the cage.  He works to transition to the back of Emerson but Rob is able to defend.  Then a potential arm triangle choke presents itself and Emerson defends again.  He almost gets back to his feet but then Rafael slips him back down on his side in half guard.  Again, Silva is happy to work from the top position with very little offense.  (10-9 Silva)

Round 2

Both men come out ready for round 2 but Emerson looks a little less tired than does Silva.  Another fancy kick from Silva misses but gets crowd approval.  A Silva head kick is defended, then another.  Then Emerson lands a beautiful leg kick to which Silva responds by lifting Rob over his head and slamming on the mat next to the cage.  Emerson works to stand up but Rafael is pressuring his hips and legs beautifully.  Finally Emerson is up but Silva is on his back.  Silva eats and back elbow but then takes Emerson back down to the canvas.  Silva is working in Emerson’s guard again but is not looking to pass or advance his position.  The referee is unhappy with the lack of action and stands the fighters back up.  Emerson is huting Silva down but Silva is using a fast left hook to keep him at bay.  Emerson lands a right hand that rocks Silva, he falls back into the cage with less than thirty seconds left.  Emerson shoots in to finish but Silva drops levels and is able to reverse into a double leg that sees him on top playing in the guard to close out the round. (10-9 Silva)

Round 3

Emerson lands a nice left body kick to start the round.  Silva pressures Emerson to the cage and is able to utilize the body lock to lift Emerson and slam him onto the canvas.  Emerson shifts his hips and is able to get up quickly.  Rob circles out and tries to put together some offense but Rafael shoots again and secures the single leg takedown.  Inactivity gets the fight restarted on the feet one more time.  Emerson looks fresh but seems unable to put together any successful offense.  A hard leg kick lands for Emerson, then another.  Emerson throws the high left but misses, then the follow up body hook finds a home.  Silva shoots and finds another single leg takedown.  Working from the top Silva pushes Emerson to the fence.  Silva is doing nothing but hanging on while Emerson is trying to throw back elbows to make something happen.  Then Silva drags Emerson back down and utilizes his pressure and control to finish the fight on top.  (10-9 Silva)

Rafael Silva defeats Rob Emerson via Unanamous Decision

Fernando Gonzalez (21-13) vs Karo Parisyan (24-10)

Round 1

No glove touch to begin this bout.  Fernando starts the action with a high right kick but misses.  Karo is circling, looking for his range.  He shoots in but meets a Gonzalez hook and goes down.  Looks to be a slip and Karo is up right away.  Then Karo closes the distance and eats a perfect uppercut to the jaw.  Gonzalez is swarming now and Karo is trying to survive.  Karo is putting together some good defense but Fernando is not slowing down.  Several shots are landing but Karo seems to be defending himself.  Referee Beltran is right in on the action, Karo is still eating punches.  Finally, the fight is stopped.  Karo is visably upset by the stop to the bout.

Fernando Gonzalez defeats Karo Parisyan via TKO (Punches) at 1:43 of Round 1

Justin Wilcox (14-6) vs Daniel Straus (22-5)

Round 1

Much respect is shown as the fighters meet at the start of the bout.  Straus is starting things off with some strong kicks but Wilcox responds with a couple of his own.  Wilcox jumps accross the cage but Daniel easily side steps.  Wilcox continues to pressure but eats a devestating left hook from Straus.  Justin is down, he eats another unanswered shot from Daniel but he is done and flat on his stomach.

Daniel Straus defeats Justin Wilcox by KO (Punch) at :50 of Round 1






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