Ashley “DollFace” Greenway Interview

By Zach Heim, RCM MMA Correspondent

I had a chance to talk to new Invicta FC fighter Ashley Greenway and can tell you she is full of southern charm.  One of the nicest people I have talked to in the sport she is going to make her pro debut after being in the sport for five years.  She co-owns a gym with her husband and fellow fighter Allen Greenway.  She got her first fight one the same card as her husband because a spot for a 115 pound woman opened up on the card.  She took the fight and hasn’t looked back yet.  Her only loss was a five round war with newly sign UFC fighter Tecia Torres.  A fight which she took on short notice.  Her last fight was in New York with Ashley Miller in Victory Combat Sports.

 RCM: What were you doing before you started fighting?

Ashley: Pretty much just watching Allen do everything.  I didn’t do much with sports since high school then went off to college and came back. Then met Allen and that’s how I got into martial arts.

RCM: You were going to school to be a hair stylist is that right?

Ashley: Yeah I actually finished up this past August.  So I am a licensed hair stylist now but only do that on the side to make some extra spending money or to pay some bills with.

 RCM: I asked her about her lone loss to Tecia Torres.

Ashley: I lost a unanimous decision 20 minute 5 round title fight to her.

 RCM: What has the journey been like since meeting your husband and only having one loss?

Ashley: I just got into fighting since I met him.  He has been fighting ever since we got together and we have been together for about 11 years now. It wasn’t until we opened our first gym in Hickory, NC. I got started in the fitness classes just after having two kids.  I never really thought about fighting until about two and a half years ago Gastonia, NC. And opened our second gym called Body Quest MMA.  I decided to do a Jiu jitsu class never looked back.  After my first class I was like wow I want to fight.  So I think about 10 months later after my first Jiu jitsu class my first fight was on the same card as my husband.  So that was pretty cool.

 RCM: Do you know when you will be making your pro debut and having your first fight with Invicta?

Ashley:  I hope Invicta 8. I did just sign a six fight contract and Shannon Knapp has mentioned that Invicta is going to be trying to do six fights this year.  It lines up right so that’s we are going for.  I have held off on making my pro debut so I could make it in that company.

 RCM: Have you opened up more gyms or do you just have the one?

Ashley: We just have the one right now but that is in our plans.  Allen wants to get about three or four gyms around the North Carolina area and maybe venture out to South Carolina.  So that’s the goal it’s like a 10 year goal.

 RCM: What has been most memorable fight or the fight you have learned the most in?

Ashley: Definitely the Tecia fight. I guess it takes losing to figure out what you really need to learn.  That fight was very hard for me.  I had so many fights that backed out and I was still new to fighting.  So I really wanted that fight.  I took the fight on two weeks’ notice.  I cut 16 pounds and they were same day weigh ins.  I learned from that to take weight cut serious that girls can’t cut weight like guys can.   It takes dedication and a 24/7 battle with food.  I learned a lot in that fight. I learned that I really need to focus more on the ground.  There were situations that I could have got out of but couldn’t.  Most of that did come dehydration.  There are thing that when I sit back and watch the fight that I didn’t know then that I know now.  There is a reason for everything and I am just thankful for that experience and that fight.  It made me who I am now and I’m so dedicated to the sport because of that fight.

 RCM: I asked her if learning from a loss is part of her even a loss isn’t always failing?

Ashley: Yeah absolutely.  When you have a loss you look at it and think O my God I have a loss.  Honestly I feel like I didn’t lose that fight.  I felt the worse then I ever have for any fight or ever for that matter.  I took her to a decision.  I made it through I didn’t give up, I was just determined.  That’s how I am every day I don’t let my mind beat me.  I push and push and push until I can’t push anymore then I push some more.  My work out is three or four times a day six days a week or seven days a week.  So I am always pushing myself.

 RCM: What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym and family?

Ashley: I always joke around saying if I never have to leave my house I wouldn’t.  I love to decorate you can ask my husband I paint two times every month, I’m always changing something.  Painting is my therapy.

 RCM: What is your goal in fighting right now?

Ashley: Like I said I just signed a six fight contract.  So those six fights are my goal and to go after that belt.

 Ashley was a joy to talk to and I look for her to do some big things in Invicta.  She is a hard worker and continues to learn every day.  If you have a chance you should visit her web site ashleygreenway.com and follow her on Twitter @greenwayashley.  You can also follow Real Combat Media MMA correspondent, Zach Heim on Twitter @Zheim82.




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