Iron Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Due to Flare-Up of Tyson Ulcer Injury

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

Dallas, Texas (June 2nd, 2024)– The July 20, 2024 confrontation between heavyweight Iron Mike Tyson and Jake Paul has been officially postponed due to a flare-up of Iron Mike’s ulcer injury. The new date for the widely publicized eight round bout with two minute rounds will be announced July 7, 2024.

Tyson raised international health concerns after he needed medical help on his flight from Miami to Los Angeles on May 26, 2024. The flight was delayed for two hours as Tyson received medical treatment. The ulcer problem caused Tyson to feel nauseous and dizzy. Tyson has committed to minimal light training over the next few weeks. This is a significant step backwards from the three times a day training regimen required for the Jake Paul bout Tyson had been going through before the health scare.

According to Jake Paul, “Obviously, (this is) devastating news. I’m heartbroken. I’m speechless, gutted. We’ve been working so hard over here-everyone in this camp. I just feel bad for everyone involved in this event, (and) the whole undercard. This was an opportunity ripped from all of us. (However) I do value Mike’s health first and foremost. I love that guy, and have so much respect for him. I want Mike to be healthy. He says he still is going to knock me out, and I bought myself some time, so Mike is still talking sh*t. Mike, if you still want to do this like you said, behind closed doors, behind the scenes, thank you. You just need a little bit of time, so I’m ready whenever you are. This is too big of an opportunity (for me to miss out on). I think this fight is going to change the world.”