Tough Love and Beautiful Heart! The Loving Side of Deontay Wilder

Editorial By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

“Tough love” is the wording used by one of the trainers of Robert Helenius in the accompanying video. The scene in the video takes place in the Doubletree Hotel suite of Robert Helenius after his first round loss to former World Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, 32-2 with 42 knockouts, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The fight now over, the conflict resolved, Wilder shows up with a beautiful heart, dressed in an outfit to convey love, not fear, and to bring that love to his friend Robert Helenius.

The late Rocky Marciano had a genuine interest in his opponents after he beat them, in particular Carmine Vingo, and often remained in verbal and written contact with his opponents for years after he defeated them, with a genuine concern and caring for their well- being. Such was the character of ‘The Rock’. Rocky really cared about them. His goal in the ring was to win, but ultimately did not wish his opponents harm.

Wilder has often been portrayed by the media as the aggressor before, during and after his bouts, which have ended lopsided, with the exception of the three Tyson Fury bouts and his first bout with Bermane Stiverne.

Helenius and Wilder are seen embracing in love. Helenius, as well as Wilder trainer Malik Scott, both knockout victims of Wilder in the same room, express their gratitude for the opportunity bout with Wilder, and to be able to take care of their families with the money they earned. Wilder cannot be considered the best boxing entertainer, outside of the Tyson Fury bouts, as most of his bouts have not been much of a challenge. While Wilder is no Muhammad Ali, few boxers can equal Wilder’s display of love for Helenius after the bout.

Wilder, who shared many magic training camp moments with Helenius in the past, genuinely cares for the well-being of Robert Helenius and all of his opponents. Without speculating on the chances of Wilder versus Andy Ruiz Jr., Anthony Joshua, Daniel Dubois, Oleksandr Usyk, a fourth bout with Tyson Fury, or somebody game and brave enough to fight Wilder laterin 2023, the video does discuss the difference between love and hate. You love what you do, but you do not hate an enemy. This understanding from one of the trainers of Helenius highlights a deeper understanding of human nature.

Wilder is, by his abilities, the hardest heavyweight hitter since Rocky Marciano, and more accurate with power shots than any heavyweight seen in recent years. There is another side of boxing we rarely see. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can be overshadowed by the simple human interaction of caring. Deontay Wilder approached Robert Helenius after the bout in a gesture of love and humility. Wilder demonstrated the side of boxing and professional sports we rarely see-total humility. There is humility in humiliating someone else. In terms of ego, Wilder demonstrated his ability at this stage in his life to detach from ego. At age 37, this later developed emotional personality characteristic will serve him well in his future ring journeys, if Wilder fights again, as without ego Wilder is unlikely to underestimate his future opponents at this point in the game, at this point in his career.