Floyd Mayweather Misses Weigh-in, Injures Hand & Has A Low Turnout in His UK Exhibition

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media Head Boxing Correspondent

“We razzle, we dazzle. I hurt my hand actually. It was when I was breaking with the hook. A lot of people don’t know. When I was breaking with the hook – that’s boxing language – I hurt my left hand, bad. It could be broken. We’re not worried. I’m (I was still) still able to use the left (hand against Chalmers). You have to use the jab to set everything up. He (Chalmers) was tough. He (Chalmers) can take everything on the chin,” noted Floyd Mayweather Jr. after his exhibition bout with Aaron Chalmers, at 02 Arena in London, United Kingdom, before a mostly empty venue with a capacity of 20 thousand spectators.

Floyd missed the weigh-in for Chalmers and weighed in privately at 155 pounds., while Chalmers weighed in at 161 pounds.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. officially retired in 2017. Unofficially, Floyd has done the Ali shuffle, boxing the less than notables of the MMA world and social influence. Fighting reality TV star Aaron Chalmers at 02 Arena in the United Kingdom for eight rounds before a mostly empty house. Not even promotion could not save this so-called event, with Floyd apparently finishing the empty arena showcase at age 46 with an injured left hand, according to him.

After eight three minutes of exhibition rounds, Floyd could put the pretender away yet again. Floyd does not seem a candidate for a match with destiny against Terence Crawford, Errol Spence Jr., Boots Ennis or any noteworthy name of danger in the welterweight division. Floyd cannot seem to let go of the limelight of his career which ended years ago.

All Floyd needs to do is to fight any available ranked fighter of note, and his boxing record can go to 50-1. Rocky Marciano fans want nothing more than for Floyd to lose an official bout. How far can ring temptation go after six years? The lure of the limelight and the cash has proven a comeback too many for most. Even Carl Froch has been making noises about making a comeback to the ring. If so, Froch should consider Floyd, Pacquiao and anybody available. That statement does not make sense, but since weight classes for exhibition fighters are irrelevant, who cares. As Evander Holyfield will tell you, fighting too long can often result in one exhibition too many.