Bloody Alan Belcher Comes Off Canvas Twice to Score Uppercut KO of Arnold Adams, Wins BKFC Heavyweight Title

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Comeback Media Boxing Correspondent

Kenner, Louisiana (February 25th, 2023)– A bloody former UFC veteran Alan ‘Talent’ Belcher going the bare knuckles boxing road, bleeding profusely from the first round on from a forehead cut, and knocked down twice by the larger Arnold ‘Bomaye’ Adams in the second round, scored a comeback uppercut knockout of Arnold Adams to win the BKFC World Heavyweight champion at 55 seconds of round three, in the BKFC 36 main event, Friday night, February 25, 2023, at Pontchartrain Convention Center, in Kenner, Louisiana.

Belcher, age 38, 18-8 with 11 knockouts in MMA, Biloxi, Mississippi between 2004 and 2013, displayed face hands which made him a force in the UFC, overcoming size differential by getting inside on the bigger man. Adams outweighed Belcher 232 pounds to 206 pounds, with both combatants standing 6’2″. Belcher, on the comeback trail, has won eight in a row, winning four boxing matches, and four bare knuckles matches en route to his first world title.

Adams, age 37, 7-10 with four knockouts between 2008 and 2016 in the UFC Oak Park, Illinois, lost his world title and lost for the first time in eight BKFC bare knuckles contests.

Belcher won this bout with a sudden display of Randall Bailey style uppercuts which enabled him to get inside the guard of Adams and nail his chin on the inside at close range. A series of uppercuts got in. One such uppercut clearly had Adams in trouble. Belcher followed with a follow up power uppercut which sent Adams face first to the canvas on his knees without his mouthpiece. Adams struggled to rise, but was unable to beat the referee’s ten count in the BKFC circle.