Real Combat Media’s Interview With Puerto Rican Prospect Thomas Dulorme.

By: Frank Rivera


Real Combat Media had the pleasure to ask undefeated Puerto Rican prospect Thomas Dulorme some questions over the weekend. Thomas has captured the attention of many boxing fans with his boxing style and power  each time he fights.

Real Combat Media: First I would like to thank you Thomas for giving me the opportunity to ask you a few question for our readers and the boxing fans.

Thomas Dulorme: I am grateful to my public and the journalist because I’m nobody without you ….. and for me it’s a pleasure talking with you

RCM: How are you doing today?

TD: I feel good today

RCM: How is your training going so far for your upcoming fight?

TD: My training is going very well for my next fight on February 17, my team and I have been training hard.

RCM: At what age did you take up boxing?

TD:  I started boxing at the age of 8.

RCM: What inspired you to become a professional boxer?

TD: I always wanted to be a champion for my island like so many Puerto Rican champions before me.

RCM: Which boxer did you most look up to when you were growing up?

TD: Sugar Ray Leonard

RCM: In your professional debut, you faced David Rodriguez in 2008. How tough was that fight for you and what lessons did you learn that night?

TD: That fight was a good fight that I won by decision. I learned that things were different, I had to train harder and become a real professional.

RCM: Since your first fight, you have strung together some pretty impressive wins, especially against a crafty southpaw veteran in DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley. What was your mindset for that fight that was featured on ESPN Friday Night Fights?

TD: The Corley fight was a fight that I had to show my abilities, because I was fighting with a former world champion who has fought with the best and that was my time, I went in and did my job.

RCM: Many people are saying that you are the next in-line to take over for Miguel Cotto once he retires. How does it make you feel knowing that so many people, especially the Puerto Rican people are looking at you to carry the torch?

TD: I am very proud that the people of Puerto Rico have me as the substitute for Miguel Cotto. I feel blessed every day  by God. 

RCM: You have an upcoming fight against Jose Reynoso for the vacant NABF Welterweight Title on 02/17/2012. After this fight, how soon do you see yourself fighting for one of the major titles? Who would you like to face and why?

TD: I’m focused on Jose Reynoso now later we’ll see what happens. My promoters are doing their job and I am doing mine. When the opportunity for a  World Title shot comes up, I’ll be ready for whoever they want to place in front of me. 

RCM: What is the highest weight class you see yourself moving up too?

TD: I never gain that much weight, so I will stay a long time at 147.

RCM: Anything you would like to say to your fans and to the boxing world?

TD: I want to thank you for this opportunity. To my fans, I’m working hard for all of them and to tune in on February 17 to watch me fight on Showtime .. and may God bless each of my fans.

RCM: Thomas again, thank you for taking some time to answer my questions. I am personally looking forward to seeing your career take off and wish you much success.

TD: Thank you


I mentioned Thomas Dulorme in my “Young Fighters To Look Out For In 2012 Part 1” series. If you have not watched any of Dulorme’s fight, then I recommend you head on over to YouTube and watch his fights.

Thomas Dulorme will be featured on Showtime’s boxing program, ShoBox: New Generation on 2/17/2012. Real Combat Media will bring you the result of that event, so make sure you check back with us.


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