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June 15, 2024 – The front half of a Week 11 Team Combat League doubleheader at Miccosukee Casino & Resort in Miami, FL, saw coach Marc Gargaro’s third-place Boston Butchers having to rely on some Money Round heroics and a 10-7 knockout by two-time USA Boxing National Champion Amelia Moore in Round 22 to eke out a razor-thin 226-225 team victory over coach Raul Rivas’ Orlando Vipers.


Emerging as one of TCL’s top fighters, welterweight Moore looked elite once again in defeating Orlando opponent Jenna Gaglioti.


Moore won a comfortable 10-9 round over Gaglioti in Round 4 and then turned on the power to register a knockout in a rematch round against Gaglioti in Round 22. Gaglioti was down once before the fight was waved off. The 10-7 KO earned Moore the designation as the night’s Number 1 star and allowed Boston to climb back from a two-point Vipers lead with just two fights to go and put her team up 207-206.


“I knew I hurt her in the first fight, so it was just a matter of closing her out in the second fight,” explained Moore, post-event. “In team sports, you have to pull your weight. I love my team. They’re a group of amazing humans who push you to be better. This is what it’s about!”


Boston team leader and TCL middleweight favorite “Speedy” Rashidi Ellis suffered a surprise flash knockdown to Orlando opponent Jahyae Brown in Round 5 but made the necessary corrections to defeat Brown 10-9 in the climactic Round 24 rematch to break a 216-216 tie and seal Boston’s victory.


The Fight of the Night was named as Round 19 where power-punching lightweight Alejandro Paulino of Boston defeated Orlando’s Angel Hernandez. Paulino had earlier knocked Hernandez down in Round 2 to jump Boston out to an early one-point lead.


Boston welterweight Keno Luna was named the third star of the night for his Round 12 knockdown of Orlando’s Christian Rivera, eventually scored 10-8 for Luna and his Round 21 victory over Orlando’s Darrius Jackson, scored 10-9.


Orlando featherweight Jeremy Adorno was named second star of the night for his 10-9 victory over Irvin Gonzalez in the night’s opening round and his 10-8 with a knockdown victory over Gonzalez in Round 18.


There were five knockdowns and one knockout in this exciting match. In addition to those previously mentioned, Orlando featherweight Jadalie Medeiros won her fight against Boston’s Shelly Vincent 10-8 in Round 10 by knocking Vincent down with a right.


“I told you we were going to make it happen,” said a jubilant Coach Gargaro afterward. “I’m so proud of all of them. There was so much going on and we made it happen. There are so many ups and downs in this sport. It’s hard but we’re getting good at it. New York, we’re coming for you next.”


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June 15, 2024 – In the second half of the June 15 doubleheader at Miccosukee Casino & Resort in Miami, FL, Coach Herman Caicedo’s second-place Miami Stealth survived an early scare on their home turf to come back and grind out a victory over Coach Barry Hunter’s 12th place DC Destroyers by a score of 228-219.


In an eventful encounter throughout, the DC squad sprinted out to a five-point lead after the 8 Launch Rounds, including a Round 4 showdown between DC welterweight Patrick Harris and Miami’s Orestes Velasquez, in which both fighters were knocked down and Velasquez lost a point for hitting Harris during his turn on the canvas.


In the very next round, DC’s female welterweight, Natalie Brown, knocked out Miami’s Logan Holler for a 10-7 round to extend The Destroyers’ early lead to 48-44. Brown’s precise and powerful strikes later earned her the designation of second star of the night.


Down by five heading into the Middle Rounds, Miami proceeded to win every fight of the eight-round second session and end up leading by four points by the end of Round 16.


Helping erase DC’s lead was a 10-8 round registered by Miami middleweight Yordan Barrera, who dropped DC’s Keithland King with a clubbing volley of shots in Round 13. Barrera’s impressive performance later netted him the number one star of the night.


Also winning 10-9 rounds for Miami were lightweight Adeyemi Opeyemi, female featherweight Tyler Schaefer, lightweight Armando Rabi Martinez, welterweight Claudio Marrero, welterweight Yordan Barrera, light heavyweight Victor Darocha and heavyweight Nestor Santana.


Rabi Martinez’s exciting punchout in Round 11 defeating DC’s Frank Zaldivar was later named the Fight of the Night.


The exciting Money Rounds featured DC lightweight Cobia Breedy knocking down Miami opponent Armando Rabi Martinez for a 10-8 Round 18, just to have Miami welterweight Orestes Velasquez grab the extra point back for his team by dropping DC’s Patrick Harris in Round 19. In Round 21, heavyweight Aleksei Dronov knocked out The Destroyers’ Colby Madison with a clubbing right hand that convinced Madison to stay down after it landed. Dronov was later named the night’s third star.


The icing on the cake for Miami came in the final Round 24 of the match, as Cuban light heavyweight veteran Yunieski Gonzalez dropped DC opponent Alantez Fox with a right hand for a 10-8 finale to the festivities.


“We train hard and obviously this is what the league is like,” said a happy Herman Caicedo. “It’s so close. We were behind, but we came back and got the lead. That’s what makes Team Combat League so exciting. I’m hooked on Team Combat League and I’m looking forward to having more and more seasons like this. This was not a layup for us. We knew it was going to be a scrap until the end. I thought the Money Rounds would be successful for us, but they did surprise me in the beginning.”


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June 19, 2024 – Team Combat League’s Week 12 of Season II started off with the league’s top team, Coach Bob Kane’s Philly Smoke (5-1), reasserting their first-place dominance with a commanding 229-217 win over Coach Tony Mack’s Dallas Enforcers (1-3) at Gilley’s Dallas in Dallas, TX.


Despite fighting in their opponents’ Texas backyard, Philly was up by three points after eight Launch Rounds, and six points after the Round 16 conclusion to the Middle Rounds. Then the league-leading squad showed their mettle in the Money Rounds, by winning six of the last eight fights and scoring a pair of knockdowns in the process.


Philly light heavyweight veteran Jesse Hart knocked down free-swinging Enforcer Abimbola Osundairo to make the score 189-183 in Round 20. Hart was later named first star of the night.


“We prepared for this, and it turned out great,” said first-star Hart. “I thought it was an entertaining show for the fans. Every match for Team Combat League is an experience you don’t want to miss. You won’t be disappointed.”


Philly female featherweight Brittany Sims also dropped The Enforcers’ Alexis Mones for a 10-8 tally in Round 22 to make the score 209-199 late in the match. Sims was named second star of the night


Dallas female welterweight Briana Carrera was named co-third star of the night for her Round 5 clean knockout of Shamara Woods, along with middleweight teammate Adolphe Stephens, who knocked Philly’s Elijhah Vines down in Round 18 to put the team score at 209-199. Stephens had also previously decisioned Vines 10-9 in Round 13.


Enforcers lightweight Deontay Brown lost a point to Philly’s capable Hendri Cedeno for holding in Round 21 and lost a second point for also losing the round, thus 10-8. Brown had previously lost a 10-9 round to Cedeno in Round 4.


The Fight of the Night was adjudicated to be Philly’s fast-fisted welterweight Isaiah Johnson going to war with Dallas talent Jalen Moore for all three minutes of their Round 19 battle, eventually won by Johnson by a close 10-9 to make the score 179-175.


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June 20, 2024 –Team Combat League’s Week 12 of Season II was held as an exciting doubleheader at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, Calif. The opening match of the night saw the NYC Attitude, guided by Benny Roman and Ryan O’Leary take a six-point team victory over the Las Vegas Hustle, coached by Jeff Mayweather, by the score of 172-166.


New York took a couple of 10-9 rounds in the opening 6 Launch Rounds of the contest. However, Las Vegas answered back by winning three of their fights, including another impressive knockout by Samoan bulldozer Patrick Mailata, who stopped New York’s Earl Newman in round 6 for a 10-7 round that won Mailata third star of the night and left the overall score at 58-56 for Las Vegas after the opening segment.


The first star of the night was New York heavyweight Pryce Taylor, who scored a 10-7 knockout over Vegas’ Ryan Diaz in Round 13 and then returned in Round 18 by knocking down previously undefeated in TCL Vegas star Mailata with a quick counter right hand on his way to a 10-8 victory to close the show.


In the very next session, Round 14, New York middleweight Lasha Gurguliani was awarded another 10-7 KO when Vegas opponent Ronnie Austion appeared to injure his shoulder and was deemed unable to continue out of caution by the referee. Gurguliani’s stoppage earned him designation as the night’s second star and made the overall team score at the time 123-120 for NYC with just five fights remaining.


The Fight of the Night was deemed to be the classic Round 9 war between talented welterweights Israel Taylor of Las Vegas and Ryan Zempoaltecatl of New York, eventually won by Taylor by a razor-thin 10-9.


Although New York’s Tramaine Williams, a 20-2 former world title challenger and IBF USBA & WBO & NABO Super Bantamweight Champion in pro boxing, fell to the mat during his matchup and was taken to a local hospital post fight, he was released the same night and posted on his social media that he was in good health following the event.



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June 20, 2024 – In the second half of Team Combat League’s Week 12 doubleheader at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA, the Manny Robles-guided Los Angeles Elite scored a 10-point victory over Sam Arnold’s Atlanta Attack in TCL’s broadcast debut on DAZN.


Coming into the match, The Atlanta Attack (2-2) were last seen dropping a razor-thin 227-226 loss to the Miami Stealth on May 30 at Gas South District in Duluth, GA. In their latest appearance, the Elite (3-1-1) scored a 231-222 victory over the Las Vegas Hustle that same night, May 30, but at home at Thunder Studios.


The Elite jumped out to a quick lead in the early going of the Launch Rounds, thanks to 10-9 wining performances by featherweight Osvel Caballero, female featherweight Iyana Verduzco and lightweight Jose Rodriguez, and never looked back, as they consistently out-fought Atlanta at all the key junctures of the competition.


There were two knockdowns and two knockouts in the match.


LA featherweight Christian Tinoco dropped opponent Travon Lawson in Round 9 for a 10-8 round. Tinoco scored another 10-9 win over Lawon in Round 23 and was named the night’s first star. Tinoco’s teammate, female featherweight Lizette Lopez, matched the feat in Round 10 by dropping her foe, Atlanta’s Martyna Kroll to make the team score 98-90 LA. She later defeated Kroll again in Round 20 for a 10-9 score. Lopez was awarded the night’s third star.


The first knockout of the night came in Round 16, when dangerous Atlanta heavyweight Devon Young knocked out LA’s Bernardo Marquez with just six seconds left in their exciting battle. The victory earned Young the honorary second star of the night. And then, in the final fight of the night in Round 24, popular LA light heavyweight Raul Salomon stopped Atlanta’s Frankie Solomon to seal The Attack’s fate and leave the final score at 230-220.


The Fight of the Night was won by lightweights Sean Bates of Los Angeles and Doctress Robinson of Atlanta for their exciting battle in Round 11 which saw Robinson prevail.


“I’m having so much fun,” said a happy Coach Manny Robles of LA, post-event. “We had a packed house tonight and we can’t wait to fill this place up again. I love my kids. I’m so passionate about boxing and I get to work with such a talented team. Win, lose or draw, I’m always proud of them. As long as everyone gives me all they’ve got, that’s all I care about. We always pray to god that everyone is able to go home in one piece and I’m glad that’s the case again tonight.”


About Team Combat League:

Through its innovative event structure, Team Combat League (“TCL”) has disrupted the professional boxing industry. With a roster of 12 teams competing out of major U.S. markets, TCL combines rising talent with seasoned veterans in a format that lends itself to non-stop action. Weekly events feature male and female boxing across a series of weight classes in 1 round contests within a tournament format culminating in the Money Rounds where winning and losing is determined by overall team performance.


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The Team Combat League Concept:

There are 24 three-minute rounds of continuous action, with competitors competing in one-round matches across eight weight classes (six male and two female).

Each match consists of three periods: Launch Rounds (1-8), Middle Rounds (9-16) and Money Rounds (17-24). Scoring is based on a 10-9 system for decision wins, 10-8 for knockdowns and 10-7 for two knockdowns or a stoppage.

Three judges from a state athletic boxing commission score each round individually, and the team with the highest total score after all 24 rounds wins!