Jai Opetaia vs. Jordan Thompson Weigh-in Video



6 x 2 mins International Flyweight contest 
(Eltham, England)                                   (Milan, Italy)

followed by

8 x 2 mins International Super-Flyweight contest
SHANNON RYAN 115.1 lbs v XEXIA JORNEAC 113.7 lbs
(Watford, England)                 (Hunedoara, Romania)

followed by

4 x 3 mins International Lightweight contest
(Birmingham, England)                       (Cucuta, Colombia)

followed by

6 x 3 mins International Middleweight contest
GEORGE LIDDARD 162.6 lbs v PETER KRAMER 160.5 lbs
(Billericay, England)                   (Budapest, Hungary)


followed by

10 x 2 mins IBF Super-Bantamweight World Title
(Catford, England)                  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

followed by

10 x 2 mins vacant EBU European Lightweight Title
(Warrington, England)               (Oslo, Norway)  

followed by

4 x 3 mins International Middleweight contest
(Hornchurch, England)    (Bestwina, Poland)  

followed by 

10 x 3 mins vacant IBF International Cruiserweight Title
CHEAVON CLARKE 198.3 lbs v VASIL DUCAR 199.4 lbs
(Gravesend, England)                (Brno, Czech Republic)

followed by

12 x 3 mins IBF and Ring Magazine Cruiserweight World Titles
JAI OPETAIA 198.6 lbs v JORDAN THOMPSON 198.9 lbs
(Sydney, Australia)          (Manchester, England)


London, UK (September 29th, 2023)– Undefeated Cruiserweights collide at the OVO Arena Wembley this Saturday, live worldwide on DAZN. Jai Opetaia and Jordan Thompson shared an intense face off during today’s Media Workout at the Kensington Boxing Club in London as the pair met in person for the first time ahead of their huge showdown for the IBF and Ring Magazine Cruiserweight World Titles at the OVO Arena Wembley this Saturday September 30, shown live worldwide on DAZN.

The undefeated pair headline a huge World Title double-header this weekend that also sees undefeated IBF Super-Bantamweight World Champion Ellie Scotney put her World Title on the line against Argentina’s Laura Soledad Griffa, while rising Cruiserweight contender Cheavon Clarke meets former Thompson opponent Vasil Ducer for the IBF International Title.

Australia’s Opetaia (22-0 17 KOs) wrestled the IBF and Ring Magazine World Cruiserweight Titles away from Mairis Briedis on home turf with an outstanding display in Queensland in July 2022, outboxing the Latvian with a show of skill mixed with guts after breaking his jaw in both the second and final rounds.

Manchester’s Thompson (15-0, 12 KOs), trained by Tony Sims at the Matchroom Boxing Elite Gym in Brentwood, Essex, heads into his first shot at world honours on the back of a dominating sixth-round TKO win over Swindon’s Luke Watkins at the Cardiff International Arena back in April.

“I’m feeling good man;” said Opetaia. “Almost there. The hard work is done and we’re ready to go to war. He’s tall, that’s his main strength. I feel like that’s his only strength. He generates a bit of power with that range but I’ve been here before. I live this sport, I live and breathe it every day.

“Breidis is old news. This is the new goal. I’ve got a new goal now. September 30, that is it. I’m going to war, man. I’ve trained so hard, I’ve prepared so fucking well. We’re ready for anything. It’s hard to go off his past fights because he really hasn’t fought anyone. He’s never been tested so we don’t know what he’s like in deep waters but we’ll find out September 30.”

“I don’t really focus on what my opponent is doing too much,” said challenger Thompson. “We’ve done our homework, Tony has done his homework, we know what to expect on fight night. I’m not one to waste my energy, I like to preserve my energy. The only night that matters is Saturday night, fight night. That’s when it matters, that’s when the switch should be flicked. And believe me you, the switch is there to be flicked.

“I haven’t got to lock in until fight night. All of this is important, it’s part of it, the PR and stuff, engaging with the fans. You’ve got to put on a show and play the game, but at the same time the only time you’ll see me switch up is on that fight night. I realise that I have to keep a cool head with all that is on the line. People have said that I don’t have anything to lose, but I don’t think that’s the case – I have everything to lose in this fight.

“I’m going in there with that winning mindset, I’m a winner at the end of the day. I’m a born winner. I’m a born champion. When you believe in your potential like I do, it’s all about going out there and executing it and being calm under the pressure, being calm under the under the lights. Being calm and having a calm mind is the greatest weapon against any sort of opportunity or challenge put before you.

“A lot of people are saying this is a big step up for me. Honestly and truthfully, I flip that script right back on him. I believe this is a big step up for him too. Mairis Breidis, world class operator, but I believe he was past his better years. He did his job though, he went out there and got the win, he did what he had to do. I believe I’m a step up for him, he ain’t ever fought nobody like Jordan Thompson. That I can assure you.”

Opetaia vs. Thompson headlines a huge night of action in Wembley, dangerous Gravesend Cruiserweight Cheavon Clarke (6-0, 5 KOs) gets his first title shot – taking on former Chris Billam-Smith and Jordan Thompson opponent Vasil Ducar (14-6-2, 10 KOs) for the vacant IBF International Title, Warrington’s Rhiannon Dixon (8-0, 1 KO) meets Norway’s World Title challenger Katherina Thanderz (16-1, 2 KOs) for the vacant EBU European Lightweight crown, Catford’s 122lbs queen Ellie Scotney (7-0) puts her IBF World Title on the line against Laura Soledad Griffa (20-8, 1 KO), Billericay Middleweight George Liddard (4-0, 3 KOs) and Eltham Flyweight Maiseyrose Courtney (4-0) have quick turnarounds after picking up wins on the Joshua vs. Helenius undercard at The O2 in London last month, Watford Super-Flyweight Shannon Ryan (5-0) fights for the sixth time as a pro, Birmingham Lightweight Ibraheem Sulaimaan (1-0, 1 KO) looks to go 2-0 and Tony Sims-trained Middleweight Jimmy Sains makes his professional debut.


Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Welcome to Wembley ahead of a huge World Title double header on Saturday night, live and exclusive on DAZN, headlined by the number one Cruiserweight in the world, Jai Opetaia, the IBF and Ring Magazine champion against Britain’s Jordan Thompson. Ellie Scotney also making her maiden defence against Laura Griffa. There’s another fantastic Cruiserweight match-up with Cheavon Clarke against Vasil Ducar, a brilliant European title clash between Katharina Thanderz and Rhiannon Dixon, and some of the best young talent on disply with Ibrahim Sulaman, George Liddard, Maiseyrose Courtney, Shannon Ryan and the debut of Jimmy Sains.”

Jai Opetaia:

“We’re ready, we deserve to be here, I have earned this spot and I am excited. I want to earn respect for my team and my country, I’m ready.

“It was a long recovery and a few things didn’t go to plan getting back in the ring, but we’re here now. We’ve grown outside the ring and inside the ring, I am just ready to show it on Saturday night.

“We adapt as well, to all different styles. I’ve been boxing my whole life, I’ve earned this, it didn’t happen by accident. So Saturday night, we do it again.

“I want to collect all the Cruiserweight titles. I’m winning this fight, however it happens, it happens.”

Jordan Thompson:

“There was not really any time to plan for this, we’ve had to improvise, but I am some that firmly believes in myself and my potential, I know where it comes from and I am excited to go out there and prove to the world and to myself that I’ve got what it takes to become a World Champion. This is just another chapter to the story, another stepping stone, and we’re going to show everyone.

“Tony Sims doesn’t say anything unless he means it, Tony will tell you about the graft I have been putting in and the sacrifices I’ve been making, the changes I’ve made. I am someone that every time I walk in the gym, I leave it as an improved version of myself, I am like a sponge. The work ethic in the Matchroom gym is second to none. I’m so excited to be sharing a card with Maisey, George and Jimmy, and they will say the same, and it’s going to show on Saturday night.

“I am a very adaptable fighter, I’ve shown that in my fights. There are various styles I can incorporate in the ring, various ways I can win the fight, and we’ve prepared for whatever, we’re ready for whatever and we’re willing to do whatever it takes when it comes to it.

“There is absolutely no doubt about it, I know I have been highly blessed and I can’t wait to go out there and claim what’s mine on Saturday night. We all know boxing and what it takes to become a World champion, I am going to take the belts off him and I am going to do it by knockout.

Ellie Scotney:

“Something that I have lacked in my career is momentum, so to get a quick turnaround is going to be key, and I will show that. I am a completely different fighter from the one that boxed in June, I’ll stick to my boxing when I need to, but if it comes to biting down that’s always a place I am willing to go.

“All eyes are on Saturday night first, I know what she’s going to bring and I am fully prepared. I am hunted, but I hunting myself and you’ll see that on Saturday night.

“I’m getting closer to you on the table so something is going right. The Lynn AC is a special place, I have to thank you for what you have done. The doors are reopening tonight and I know that there will be many young females and males that will go there and one day could be sitting where I am or even right next to you. I am thankful for the opportunities and I am going to keep pushing for more doors to open.”

Laura Soledad Griffa:

“Thank you very much for this great opportunity, this is something that we really enjoy experiencing. I feel that I am really well prepared to show everything that I’ve been working on with my team.

“It’s going to be a great fight, and if Ellie wants a war, we’re going to have one.”

Cheavon Clarke:

“It’s going to be a fun fight, we’re moving fast but no faster than I told you we were going to, if you remember the day I came in with the Dobermans! We already told you what was going to happen and we’re now here. Vasil is a good opponent, he’s come over here and caused problems for a few fighters, but I am Cheavon Clarke.

“The pedigree and being on the Olympic team has helped, but this is my style, it’s what I do, I don’t change because I am fighting someone else. This is what I bring and it will take me all the way.

“You want to see what is happening in the main event as they are in my weight class, so we’ll see what happens on Saturday and take it from there.”

Vasil Ducar:

“I like coming to the UK every time and showing great fights. I hope to be better on Saturday night because I work hard every day with my heart and soul to give my best in the ring. This time, I will have a photo with you (Eddie Hearn) and the belt.”

Rhiannon Dixon:

“It’s a big step up from my last fight but one me and my team are ready for. I’m just excited, we’ve been waiting a long time for this fight.

“Styles make fight and I believe Katharina will bring out the best in me. This fight opens up so many opportunities, so we will do the job on Saturday and move on from there.”

Katharina Thanderz:

“We have been training really hard and I am really excited for a new title fight. I can’t wait for Saturday.

“I saw her live in Bilboa and I remember saying that she had a great style, very technical and that’s what I like about this fight, it’s going to be difficult but I am looking forward to it.”

Shannon Ryan:

“It feels great to be back. My last fight was an amazing performance, punch-perfect. There are things I could have done better but I have watched it back so many times and I am happy with it. This is an eight-rounder with a southpaw, another challenge and I am ready for it.

“It’s exciting – a ten rounder after this one which is good, and I will continue to show why I will be leading the Super-Flyweight division, I’m too fast, too sharp, too strong and too smart.”

George Liddard:

“I massively appreciate the opportunity to be on such a big card again. I had a great learning fight last time at The O2, I got the win and six tough rounds in the bank, so we move on to 5-0 on Saturday night and I then look forward to watching Jordan win the IBF and Ring Magazine belts with Maisey and Jimmy.

“I’m always in exciting fights and that’s how I plan to go on. Peter Kramer is a tough guys, he tucks up well and he is  defensively sound, but when I get in there it’s a different game; I’m explosive and fast, and there is not much I haven’t got now. I’m looking forward to continuing to step up the levels and be in more exciting fights.”

Maiseyrose Courtney:

“It’s a good fight for me on Saturday, it’s another step up from my last fight. Martina has won a European title so it’s a good step up and it’s great to be on a card with all my stablemates in Jimmy, George and Jordan who will become World Champion on Saturday.

“If you let me Eddie, I’ll fight 12 three minute rounds, I’m ready to move onwards and upwards to eight and ten rounds. The training we do with Tony means we’re fit enough to do 15 x 3, that’s the blueprint and hopefully it’s my last six rounder.”

Jimmy Sains:

“I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve been in the Matchroom gym for three years now and I can’t wait to show everyone what I can do. I’m hoping everyone from Repton and Essex can come down and support us.

“We’re very fortunate to all be on the same card on Saturday, training hard in camp together and we’ve all seen how hard we’ve worked for this, and we hope Jordan can do the job and become World Champion.”