Watch Fisher vs. Babic live on DAZN

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Sitting here ahead of what is a massive main event July 6 at the Copper Box Arena live on DAZN, and what a Heavyweight fight we have for you as well. Two men that we are extremely fond of. Of course Johnny Fisher with the big step up against Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic. Two guys who of course have graced us here before at Fight Camp. Alen twice I believe and of course Johnny Fisher as well, and even a proposal for Alen Babic just on the lawn down there. Welcome to the teams, welcome to two great Heavyweights ahead of what is a massive night of boxing for both of their careers. Johnny Fisher has long been the biggest individual ticket seller in the country, already over 3,000 tickets sold from the front room of Big John. Thank you for all of your efforts. We’re expecting around 7,000 at the Copper Box on July 6 and what an incredible atmosphere it is going to be. The big step up for Johnny Fisher against this man, Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic who we know every time brings the heat, brings the fire and a big fight for his career as well.”

Johnny Fisher:

“It’s extremely exciting Eddie. I’m very excited. As you said, lots of people coming, but that means nothing to me. Me and Alen, we’re going to get in the ring and we’re going to have a proper tear up. We talk about Alen saying he’s the underdog in this fight, well you’re talking about 13 years of experience. You’re talking about 10 years’ experience as an amateur, 100 fights. It sounds like you think you’re the favourite in this fight. For me, the one thing you’ve got to realise is, it’s not about me having to fight Alen Babic, it’s about you having to fight Johnny Fisher.

“If you’re in the sport of boxing and you care about what people think and what people say then you’re not in the right sport. Look of Tyson Fury, look at Anthony Joshua, look at Oleksandr Usyk. You’re going to get criticism from every angle. What matters is, you’ve got a team around you and you’ve got belief in yourself. Self-belief is something that I’m never going to be short of.

“I’ve definitely got the power; we’ve seen that before. But if we go to the trenches, that’s what I believe I’ve got inside me. You can train as much as you want in the gym. You’ve got to have that inside you. That’s a mentality that you’re born with, no matter what background you’re from. I’ve got that mentality.

“Every fight the intensity goes up. The standard you hold yourself to goes up as you get better as a fighter. As their team said, this is the right time now. It is going to be absolutely bouncing in the CopperBOSH. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant and that will only make me rise to the occasion. I’ve been there before, Ally Pally, The O2, me and Alen fought on the same card at The O2. We fought here (Matchroom HQ). The respect is there. The respect demands the best performance from me, and that’s what he’s going to get.”

Adam Morallee:

“It is a step up against Alen. We’ve seen what Alen has done, but we’re not underestimating Alen Babic, I think people are underestimating Johnny Fisher and the journey he is going on. Johnny Fisher is already probably the biggest ticket seller in British boxing. He’s going all the way. He’s going all the way to a World Title. If you’d have said that a few years ago people would have probably laughed at you. Johnny fought Harry Armstrong, won the Southern Area Title against a very good boxer in Harry, he then fought in Vegas against Bezus, and it was time for a step up. We looked around and we thought what’s the right kind of step up? A lot of people talked to me about that fight, we discussed it Eddie. It’s a big step up for Johnny, but I think people are underestimating Johnny. You’re going to see the levels; you’re going to see the class of Johnny Fisher when he deals with Alen Babic quickly. Alen is a massive nuisance, he’s right on your face and he would knock out a prospect on the way up if they weren’t as good as Johnny Fisher. That’s the reality of the situation. Johnny sells 2000/3000 tickets whoever he is fighting. The point about growing a prospect like Johnny Fisher is they’ve got to learn on the job. Johnny doesn’t have a massive amateur pedigree. This fight he will learn loads; loads in the build-up and loads in the ring. Alen Babic is a man who will test him.”

Alen Babic:

“Thank you for having me everybody it’s so beautiful to be here. Listen, Johnny Fisher I think is a great fighter, but I think he is a young fighter. I had 100 amateur fights, most of them were tougher than me and him both. I had 12 professional fights; I was tested so many times. I was tested so many times. I went through all of them, almost – all but one.

“This is his first test and I remember when I had my first test. It was my third bout against Shawndell (Winters). You were there, and you were telling me that you’re not going to be able to do this it’s a 50-50 fight. I was there and I’m at least five years into this testing and stuff. I know what it brings. That’s why I said yes to this fight, and I feel like it’s a present from God for me.

“I have 13 years of fighting at elite level. I was one fight away from the Olympics so I meet strong men every day of my life. Strong punchers, power punchers, big men. I’ve fought them all and been through them all, I know what to expect. He wasn’t. That’s the point of it. He wasn’t there. 13 years of fighting. He is a very young man. I think he was about ten years old then. Since then, I have been fighting big strong punchers. Don’t talk about big strong punchers like they’re something new to me.

“It’s amazing and I know it’s going to be hostile so listen, I want everybody to know I am the underdog in this fight. F**k the favourites. I am the underdog. I was the favourite for one fight, it was the worst fight of my life, and it almost destroyed me. I was one year into depression. It almost through everything off. I am a big underdog in this fight.

“I didn’t ask about the money; I didn’t ask about nothing. He knows and Dillian knows, I just said yes. I feel like it’s a present from God. But, on the other hand I feel like it’s the perfect fight for Johnny also. It’s a big step up and a big test. He’s got to have tests. This is his first big test. I’m going to drown him. I know how to drown a guy. I have my confidence back.”

MIchael Ofo:

“We thought you’d lost your mind when the call came in for Johnny to fight Alen. It’s the wrong kind of step up in our opinion, but Alen is ready to do what he does and be that ‘Savage’ and walk through him. We’ve got a lot of respect for the team but on the night there will be respect for him whatsoever. Alen is going to do a number and stop him. Alen is the type of man that will break you in there. As much as it’s physical, this is a mental battle. When Alen steps forward it’s a different type of energy. It’s not something that you can prepare for in the gym. We’ve got a lot of respect for Mark Tibbs, we know exactly how he prepares his fighters from being around him. We know he’s going to have him in tiptop shape. In those dark moments when those Demons come there’s nothing that can be done in the gym to prepare this young man for what Alen is going to do to him.”

Reece Bellottii:

“I might not look old, but the greys say otherwise. It’s a fight I’m really looking forward to. Levi is a really good fighter. I’ve watched his fight with Gomez a couple of times, like you say it was a close fight and it could have gone either way. It depends what style you prefer, it was one of those sorts of fights. Levi is very good and he’s going to bring a little bit different things lately that I’ve see in my last two fights which I’ll have to adapt to on the night. Right at the start I was blasting everyone out of there and you just get complement with the style and we had to sort of mix it up and change it. I do have the ability to box and move, I won an ABA Title – and you don’t win those by chance. You’re seeing that aspect of my fighting a bit more now. Anything can happen, and I’m massively going to prepare Levi. I’m not looking past him in any way. So at the moment my main focus is Levi. The European Title is there but it’s not there unless I beat Levi.”

Levi Giles:

“Firstly, I’m buzzing to be on this big stage again. We had that experience against Gomez for the English. I think a lot of people thought I won that fight, but we got straight back out into another title fight which we picked up a win in. We had a fight scheduled for July 13. I was sent a text saying I’d be offered Reece Bellotti for the British and Commonwealth Titles and I just replied yes let’s do it. I know I can become British and Commonwealth Champion on July 6. Reece is always in good fights. It’s very fan friendly and I feel like this one is going to be exactly the same as the rest. You’re going to see the best Levi Giles come July 6. The better the opponent, we’ve always said, then the better I’ll be. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

John Hedges:

“We couldn’t have had this any better, to fight for my first title in London… it’s round the corner for me Stratford – it’s not far at all. There’s going to be a lot of people there and it’s time to shine. When I first signed with yourself, I said to you that when I go on a title run I want to keep things going. I had a great knockout last time out and I expect to do the same again. As I’ve progressed on, the better the opponent – the better my performances have been. I came off a good amateur background where we was only fighting at a high level, so it suits me fighting a better opponent. This will be the stage where I shine and people will start recognising my name.”

Lewis Oakford:

“First I want to say thanks for the opportunity, and thanks to my manager Steve Goodwin for getting this over the line as well. This is a big fight. It’s definitely a big step up. It’s a big stage, first TV fight for me, so I’m just looking to take full advantage of it really. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fireworks. Breaking out of the small hall and hopefully never looking back is what I plan to do. This is obviously the first big fight for me to do that and prove what I can actually do on the big stage. It’s going to be a proper fight.”

Maiseyrose Courtney:

“I’m excited. It’s been a bit of back and forth trying to get a title fight. I want to be in with the big girls and, yeah, I’m happy to be fighting someone like Jasmine. She had a good fight with Shannon Ryan at Indigo at The O2. I’m excited. If someone is coming at me, it’s like you’ve got to hit me with a sledgehammer for me to go over. That’s what I want, that’s my fighting style. I can’t wait. I want her to come at me full force. I want her to come and try to take my head off. That’s what I like, that’s what I enjoy. That’s when you see the best Maiseyrose. That’s the plan (a World Title shot in 2025), Jasmina, I know I’m going to win that fight against Chloe Watson, and then my dream comes true, I’ll be able to win that World Title. Undisputed, and the shoot for the stars.”

Giorgio Visioli:

“I’m looking forward to boxing in London for the first time as a pro – get some fans over there, get some family. I’m looking to put another class performance on. In the amateurs it’s a faster pace, the feet always bouncing, obviously in the pros you’re setting down a little bit more, but also it’s the lifestyle really. It’s living good, training hard, doing a lot of strength and conditioning, and yeah it’s showing in the ring. It’s great to have Sunny (Edwards) in my corner, he’s a big character. His wealth of knowledge, he’s got to the world stage, it’s great to have him in the corner giving me advice.”

Jimmy Sains:

“Like you said, I’m fighting the week before. It’s not really ideal, but of course we’ll get it done and hopefully I can sell tickets for Stratford as well. Stratford is quite local. It’s good to be in London. I haven’t boxed there since my debut so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not really battling (gym mates over ticket sales), as long as everyone comes out from Essex and London to support all of us. It’s not a competition. As long as everyone is coming out to support us in big numbers I’m looking forward to it. As long as they cheer us all on. Me and George (Liddard) both had a great camp out in Las Vegas and LA. It was a great experience.”

Leli Buttigieg:

“I’ve been all over the place, like you said. Finally being able to box in Stratford, literally round the corner from me. I’m going to have a lot of people there supporting me and I’m looking forward to it. I feel like I’m getting better each time. My debut didn’t last long, but since my second fight, and my third and fourth, I’ve been in the gym with Al Smith and Eddie improving each time.”