From Kickboxing to Boxing Undefeated Chris Algieri Interview: Hunting For Ruslan Provodnikov and 40-0


By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent


The phenomenal Chris Algieri of Huntington, Long Island, New York, at only 29 years old, is marching straight to the top of the light welterweight and welterweight divisions in the very near future. Algieri won the world kickboxing championships at welterweight and super welterweight en route to a 20-0 professional kickboxing record. He was also 10-0 as a professional light welterweight boxer when Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing signed him. Now 19-0 as a professional boxer, Algieri is one win away as a boxer from a magical 40-0 undefeated combined record in kickboxing and boxing, a feat unattainable even by Floyd Mayweather and perhaps any other professional boxer in history. Others have tried both sports, but none with as much success as the multitalented Algieri. The accomplishment is even more outstanding when one realizes Algieri never fought as an amateur!


In a Real Combat Media international interview exclusive, Algieri set his immediate sights on World Boxing Organization World Light Welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov, age 30, 23-2 with 16 knockouts, Beryozonovo, Russia, whois tentatively scheduled to defend his WBO world championship on Home Box Office television against June 14, 2014, against an as yet to be named opponent. Algieri hopes to be that somebody.


Algieri is currently ranked number 23 in the world by the World Boxing Council, number 30 in the world on BoxRec, and number 45 in the world by the International Boxing Organization. On February 14, 2014, Algieri passed the ‘test’ when he won a ten round decision over Emmanuel Taylor, who was ranked number four in the world by the International Boxing Federation, thirteenth in the world by the World Boxing Organization, and number 26 in the world by the IBO. Algieri’s rating position among the various boxing organizations is certain to rise in the next 30 days with his big win, making him a factor in the light welterweight division, even though he does not yet have worldwide name recognition.


Algieri also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, and owns his own nutrition business, working as a clinical nutritionist, and is also an expert cook. The handsome looks of Algieri, who is still an available bachelor, have played at least a part in attracting the many beautiful women who buy tickets and come to watch him fight on Long Island.


Real Combat Media: “Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, Ruslan Provodnikov. Thoughts?”


Chris Algieri: “I’m concerned with the major belts, WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO. Any of these guys are on my radar screen. Any of these fighters I’d love to get (to fight).”


Real Combat Media: “What’s next?”


Chris Algieri: “We’re in negotiations for our next fight. There’s talk of (fighting) Provodnikov in June, we’ve just got to decide what we’re going to do. If not Provodnikov, we want to fight a name guy (an established fighter) who will help put my name out there even more. I don’t like easy fights.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you prefer to fight Danny Garcia next and challenge him for his WBC and WBA world light welterweight titles?”


Chris Algieri: “Of course! He’s the recognized world champion of his weight class. He’s at the top, and that’s where we are going. I want to be the world champion!”


Real Combat Media: “Would you fight former world champion DeMarcus Corley?”


Chris Algieri: “Corley has lost three of his last four fights. I don’t think fighting Corley is a necessary fight for me to get a world title shot. Corley’s last significant win was over Gabriel Bracero.”


Real Combat Media: “You anticipate either you, Antonio DeMarco, or the winner of Karim Mayfield versus Thomas Dulorme will fight Provodnikov next.”


Chris Algieri: “Of course! It’s a world title fight opportunity (for one of us) on HBO against Provodnikov. It’s a world title fight against a name opponent. It’s a great fight.”


Real Combat Media: “Chris, why do you feel you can beat Ruslan Provodnikov?”


Chris Algeiri: Style make fights. I’ve been in with a punch of guys put on the pressure. Provodnikov’s going to come forward and get hit. I’m a thinking fighter. Provodnikov is a great fight for me to use my intelligence. I think Provodnikov is a great fighter. It would be a great matchup between the two of us. I think it is also a fan friendly fight. I throw a lot of bunches. I’m a great boxer.”


Real Combat Media: “Do you think it is a good idea to take another fight before formally challenging Ruslan Provodnikov or Danny Garcia?”


Chris Algieri: “Sure. Danny is fighting Mauricio Herrera next. Danny is a great champion. The fight Danny won over Lucas Matthysse surprised many people. I would like to get an interim fight before fighting Provodnikov or Danny Garcia.


Real Combat Media: “Chris, who are your boxing trainers?”


Chris Algieri: “Keith Trimble and Tim Lane.”


Real Combat Media: “Have your professional boxing fights been easy or hard fights?”


Chris Algieri: “I don’t think I have had any easy fights. I’ve fought real guys. There’s a lot of buildup guys out there.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you fight Lamont Peterson for the IBF World Light Welterweight title?”


Chris Algieri: “I have never known Lamont Peterson to be a guy to duck anyone. I believe he is not looking to fight me because my name is not well known yet, but such a fight I believe is in the works.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you take a fight with Peterson if the IBF declared it a mandatory title defense for Peterson?”


Chris Algieri: “I believe I can beat Peterson. I believe it would be a great style matchup. We are both busy boxers, (and) we are both good boxers.”


Real Combat Media: “Tell me about your world championship background, and your future world championship plans.”


Chris Algieri: “I’ve got a world title shot coming in a fight or two. I was 20-0 as a kickboxing world champion, at super welterweight and welterweight, WKA and ISKA. My final performance as a kick boxer was about five months before my professional debut as a boxer.”


Real Combat Media: “How did that switch occur from kick boxing to boxing?”


Chris Algieri: “I was 20-0 as a kick boxer. I was 10-0 as a boxer. We reached out to Joe DeGuardia and Joe Star Boxing. We were looking for a local promoter. Top Rank and Golden Boy were not interested as I did not have an amateur background. I signed with Joe. I have gotten where I have gotten without any concern for the rankings. Joe does that. I am concerned with the training and winning. At the end of the day, it’s who I end up fighting. Generally I don’t have a say in it, which is why I don’t call anybody out, or have any Twitter bells.”


Real Combat Media: “Who would you like to fight next?”


Chris Algieri: “I am ready to fight! I think Amir Khan (versus me) would be a great fight. We are two guys with fast hands and great conditioning. Where the fights happen doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been fighting kickboxing in different places. I fought in my home town, I traveled the world. I traveled across the country, in training camps for weeks and months.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 147 pounds?”


Chris Algieri: “That would be a dream come true. He’s my favorite fighter. Stylistically, Floyd is the best around, a dream. “


Real Combat Media: “Are you ready for Danny Garcia? He’s a very talented boxer.”


Chris Algieri: “He’s very tricky, he’s good at finding a way (to win). What he did in the Matthysse fight was very impressive.”


Real Combat Media: “How can fight fans follow your career online?”


Chris Algieri: “My team website is at We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our YouTube channel is Team Algieri. On YouTube you can see me training, talking about sparring, you can see the emotional issues a fighter goes through psychologically, we’ve got around four videos up the (on the YouTube site).”


Real Combat Media: “You are presently fighting at 140 pounds. Would you go up to 147 or 154 in the future for the right fight?”


Chris Algieri: “Not 154, but definitely 147. I’m looking to be a world champion in both weight classes (at 140 and 147 pounds).”


Real Combat Media: “Marcos Rene Maidana, Adrien Broner, Floyd, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Robert Guerrero, and Erik Morales. Do these names excite you (to fight in the future)?”


Chris Algieri: “Yes, of course! They are the biggest names in the sport (of boxing at 140 and 147 pounds). I’m just looking to put myself (my name recognition) in with them.”


Real Combat Media: “What fight date are you looking at next?”


Chris Algieri: “Team Algieri is looking at June 14, 2014, to fight Ruslan Provodnikov for his World Boxing Organization world light welterweight title, if that fight comes through. If not,I will probably fight next around June 2014 against somebody else.”


Real Combat Media: “Would you like your next fight to be a main event on television, on Friday Night Fights, HBO, Showtime, or ESPN2?”


Chris Algieri: “Yes. I want national exposure 100 percent. I need national exposure.”