Meet ‘Team Money Mayweather’s’ Newest Future Star From The UK – Fes Batista.

By: Jai Singh

Meet ‘Team Money Mayweather’s’ newest signee from the UK – Fes Batista.
Pound for pound boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and his team live by the motto ‘We Make Champions’ – and they may have found one all the way from the UK. 
The 21-year-old University student and amateur boxer, Mohammad Faisal who is better known as ‘Fes Batista’, has been signed up by the legendary boxing family who are backing him as a potential world boxing champion of the future. 
Fes, who is sponsored by ‘Fitness First’ Gym based in Huddersfield lives with his family in the UK was invited by the Mayweather camp to a special trial training session in Las Vegas last summer after they watched videos of the British fighter in action on the internet.
And after impressing in the ring, Fes’s boxing dreams came true when he was offered a deal to become part of the Mayweather fraternity.
Here’s what went down when I spoke with him.
RCM: First of all I’d like to congratulate you on becoming the newest member of ‘Team Money’ – well done! How’s life these days Fes, how did you become interested in boxing initially and when did you start to box yourself?
Fes Batista: Thank you I appreciate your kind words, life is amazing! I get treated really well wherever I go. Its amazing to have people who you have never seen before that now know who you are and even want pictures. It’s a complete life change for me and I’m really enjoying it. Boxing started for me at a young age… My father used to wrap up his hands and mine in towels and we would spar in the living room.. I remember this one time he hit me on the nose and it hurt so I went all out for him and bust open his nose and he was bleeding haha! So that’s my first memory of boxing.
RCM: So we understand that the Mayweather family expressed a great deal of interest in you before signing you up officially, can you talk us and our readers through exactly how it came about and what impact it’s had on your life now?
FB: Well we knew a lot of people over in the States and boxing circles over there, they put us into contact with the Mayweathers and even though I like uncle Roger a lot – it looked very complexed what he does and how he trains so I wanted to speak to Jeff who seems like a trainer that I could get used to quicker. I showed him some videos, we got to know each other and everything went well. He wanted to see some more of me and gave me an invite to Vegas for the free trial training session and I really enjoyed it. As well as meeting Uncle Roger, Floyd and the Money Team. I will be working with Uncle Jeff and occasionally Uncle Roger and the other coaches at the Mayweather boxing club. It’s had a huge impact on my life – I’ve become more disciplined and focused. Even though it’s hard with expectations sky high of me I am getting used to it and training harder then ever and I’m really enjoying life right now.
RCM: Obviously you’re still an amateur fighter at the moment, what weight do you currently fight at and what’s your fight record currently?
FB: My weight is 69kg – which is something that nobody believes because I’m huge and have really wide shoulders and I look like I fight at 80kg. My record is 6 exhibition bouts 6 wins. I haven’t fought for a while but I have made sure I keep good sparring partners.. When speaking to the Mayweather camp they didn’t have much concern about it as they felt my natural gift is my huge punching power and my style is more suited to the pro’s than the amateurs. They said after around 30 fights and regular sparring with top class pros it should be more then enough for me so I am excited and leaving it all in their hands.
RCM: We know that Jeff Mayweather has taken you under his wing a little, what do you think of his style of training and what’s it like training with one of the worlds best boxing trainers – have you sparred with any notable fighters yet?
FB: I love Jeff’s style, if I’m to be honest with you I was a little intimidated at first but as soon as I said hi and he replied ‘how you doing man?!!’ With a big smile it was great! He is so calm and relaxed it’s great! I love the way he makes training fun and hard at the same time his pad work is amazing the best I’ve ever had.. He makes you feel at home and always has a smile on his face.. He is also very clear and constructive with his feed back he loves to help and support you. It felt like he was a family member within moments almost. He is a very calm person and yes he has trained many world champions so I have all my trust in him.
RCM: How would you describe your style as a fighter?
FB: Well I’m a southpaw but I’m right handed, so I have a really strong jab and a strong right hook although when I feel the time is right – I turn orthodox to bring in a massive right hand into play a little more… The fighter I am closest to style wise is Victor Ortiz. Without a doubt his style is the same as mine but now with the Mayweather’s help I’m starting to use my mind a lot more and trying to incorporate the shoulder roll. Basically if you can imagine a 5 foot 11 (same height as Antonio Margarito) Ortiz/Mayweather type of fighter that’s what you get with Fes Batista.
RCM: Your opponents are gonna be in a world of pain by the sounds of it! Who are your 3 favourite fighters currently or of all time, did they influence you to take up boxing?
FB: Well I have to say Floyd Mayweather is number one he is amazing… Marvin Hagler because of his style and number 3 I’d have to say Amir Khan… He is a friend of mine and I get emotional every time he fights – he is a role model for me and made me take boxing seriously but boxing is a funny sport and anything can happen so who knows in a few short years time what could happen… if you catch my hint haha! I love Amir a lot. I mean when you watch the build up of a fight like Mayweather vs. Hatton it makes you want to be a part of it. Yes of course and fighters like Hagler make you think ‘wow Hagler didn’t have the biggest left hand as he was a right handed southpaw who could switch’ I loved that style I think all three of them influenced me a lot, I’ve studied all three extensively over and over again.
RCM: Those are some nice diverse picks, the Mayweather vs. Hatton build up was out of this world, especially here in the UK! You mentioning Amir brings me nicely along to the next question… What are your thoughts on Khan’s recent Split Decision loss to American Lamont Peterson and the drama that followed – do you think he can bounce back – who would you like to see him fight next?
FB: Oh man! First of all let me just say what a fight! Amazing! Everyone underestimated Lamont… I personally thought Amir won the fight by a single point… I think it’s a little fishy how the judges were not even looking at the fight?! And that mystery dude who was talking to them made it even stranger. I was the one who got Amir to take the Zab Judah fight and straight away it was a shock when I mentioned it but they all understood my reasons for choosing Zab… And as for who should be next for Amir? I’d say ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley… I think this is a tough fight – Shane could destroy him if Amir becomes careless, and at Welterweight (147 lb’s) Shane is a big money fight and I think beating him is a good way to show the boxing world he is back in business.. Its a genuine risk but with Shane tiring and with his ageing legs he should be a threat for about 4 rounds but Amir should win the fight I think.. I wish Amir nothing but the best.
RCM: And finally – what are your thoughts on the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao situation? Many people including myself think that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is seemingly blocking the fight from being made as he is frightened of his ‘cash cow’ Manny Pacquiao to take a loss?
FB: I think I agree with you on that one… Bob Arum is blocking the fight. There isn’t anything more Floyd can do, he called him out directly and Manny openly said he wants it but Arum is Manny’s boss and is blocking it… After the recent Marquez fight it confirmed that Manny Pacquiao struggles with highly technical counter punchers…I mean Cotto, Margarito, Hatton and De La Hoya all came forward but Marquez was smart and waited to counter and neutralized Manny’s speed.. We also know that Floyd is leagues above Marquez in skill, speed and power. So I definitely think that Bob Arum is scared that Manny will lose. But if it does happen, I think it would be a Unanimous Decision victory for ‘Money’ Mayweather! Manny will have a few moments where he may look good but that’s only because Floyd will want to see exactly what this lil’ man has. Roger told me it takes Floyd two rounds to figure out ANY opponent then he makes the plan to beat them… So it would be a straight forward fight for Floyd and I know Floyd wants this fight really bad.
RCM: That’s a pretty accurate analysis I’d say and I agree 100%, I think Floyd may even TKO him late possibly. Any final words for all the boxing fans out there Fes?
FB: To all the boxing fans out there I wanna say I hope you can come with me on this journey where ever it may lead. I want to promise every boxing fan around the world that I will give this my 100% and I want everyone to gather belief from me. I mean I’m a 21 year old getting serious, its proof that if you put your mind into it you can do whatever you want just don’t let anyone put you down. So many people laughed at me when I said I wanted to be like Floyd now those same people are in disbelief that I’m following my ultimate dream! I would love it if the boxing fans ‘liked’ my fan page on Facebook which is : ’Fes Batista fan page’ and also follow me on twitter : @fesbatista
RCM: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, champ. We at Real Combat Media hope to speak to you again sometime and follow you on your path to success.

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