Sergio Martinez Decisions McGowan in 10 Rounds at 46, Calls Out Golovkin

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

 Madrid, Spain (January 28th, 2022)– In the co-main event of a five bout card at Wiznink Center,in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday, January 27, 2022, Sergio Gabriel “La Maravilla” Martinez, the former World Middleweight champion, won his fourth consecutive comeback bout at age 46 with a 10 round unanimous points decision over game but outmatched Macaulay McGowan.

Martinez, 55-3-2 with 30 knockouts, Madrid, Spain, by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina, went down in the first round, ruled a slip. Martinez used his famed right jab to win almost every round on points, combined with left hands to the solar plexus, with a solid defensive low stance, out of range to avoid being hit by McGowan. Martinez knocked down McGowan in rounds seven and ten, but did not floor the gas pedal, taking the points win, getting the work in, and getting the job done. McGowan, 14-3-1 with three knockouts, Wythenshawe, Lancashire, United Kingdom, loser of three straight 10 rounders, who did not win a round, survived the distance with a bloody nose, in his first trip outside of Great Britain.

Martinez told Ring Magazine before the fight he was looking for Gennady Golovkin. “We continue with the (team’s) plan of finding opponents in (at) different levels to climb gradually. It is becoming very difficult (to find opponents in Spain). Here in Spain it is hard and expensive to produce boxing events. Opponents ask for purses sometimes we cannot afford as a company. We (continue to) try to get better opponents, but it is difficult to pay (the purses) what they want. With the lack of sponsors and media support here in Spain (during the Pandemic), it is very difficult to bring (in) better (quality) opponents. I have to compensate for that. If my opponents don’t improve, then I do, and I have to adapt to the circumstances (we are now fighting under). I have to make the adjustment to fight better and better, regardless of the challenge my opponents bring to the ring.”

Result: Sergio Gabriel Martinez Win 10 Macaulay McGowan, Middleweights

Scoring: 99-90, 99-89, 99-89 Martinez. McGowan down in rounds seven and ten.

In the other co-main event, 16-0 Filipino southpaw Bernardo Angelo Torres, featherweight fighting out of Gran, Norway, won a 10 round split decision over 13-5-1 Mauro Perouene. to win the inaugural International Boxing Organization IberoAmerican Featherweight title. Scoring: 96-05, 96-96 Torres. 96-94 Perouene. IBO Supervisor: David Fernandez

Wiznik Center Madrid Udnercard Results, Thursday, January 27, 2022

 Elianel Guerrero Win 4 Hermin Isava, Super Lightweights

Opening bout on the card. Dominican prospect Guerrero now 3-0. Venezuelan journeyman Isava, fighting out of Barcelona, Spain, is now 10-37. Twenty-eighth consecutive loss for Isava, who has not won a bout since 2015.

 Andrii Boryshpolets TKO 6 Jose Aguilar, Lightweights

Aguilar was stopped standing. Lone stoppage on the competitive fight card. 16-88-5 Spain journeyman Aguilar has lost thirty-three straight bouts, has not won a bout since 2015.

 Brandon Moreno Win 6 Alejandro Torres, Flyweights