By: Alin Huiu

Bucharest, Romania–Superkombat WGP 11 will be held by Arad (Romania): 14 fighters from 8 countries in the biggest combat event from Southeastern Europe!

Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification will be held at Galleria Mall, the biggest commercial center from Arad, Romania. In the main-event, the romanian star Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) will fight against Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the winner will take a Wild Card for Superkombat WGP 12 – Final Elimination scheduled in November 10, 2012.

Fourteen fighters from eight countries will fight for glory and honour in the biggest combat event from Southeastern Europe broadcasted live by Eurosport International and Eurosport Asia-Pacific in 75 countries from 4 continents on October 20, 2012.

Goran Radonjic (Montenegro), Steve Banks (United States), Fikri Ameziane (Morroco) and Roman Kleibl (Czech Republic) are trying to win the tournament and to take the last place in Superkombat WGP 12 – Final Elimination scheduled in November 10, 2012. In the reserve tournament, the winner of “The Bodyguard – Special Forces” Razvan Ghita (Romania) will meet Dmitri Bezus (Ukraine).

In the super fights, the heaviest stand-up fighter in the world, Alexandru Lungu (165 kg) will fight against the american veteran Deutsch Pu’u (125 kg) and the romanian rising star Andrei Stoica will have an opponent from Croatia, Tony Milanovic.

This will be the second event held in a mall after Superkombat WGP 6 – Fight Club from November 17, 2011. “I choose this location because it provides very good conditions.”, said Eduard Irimia for More than 1,500 fans are expected at the event, many of them from Serbia and Hungary.

Superkombat WGP 11 – Qualification Fight Card:

National Title of Romania (75 kg):
Miodrag Olar vs. Adrian Mitu

Reserve Tournament (+96 kg):
Razvan Ghita (Romania) vs. Dmitri Bezus (Ukraine)

Tournament Fighters (+96 kg):
Goran Radonjic (Montenegro)
Steve Banks (United States)
Fikri Ameziane (Marroco)
Roman Kleibl (Czech Republic)

Super Fight (+125 kg):
Alexandru Lungu (Romania) vs. Deutsch Pu’u (United States)

Super Fight (95 kg):
Tony Milanovic (Croatia) vs. Andrei Stoica (Romania)

Super Fight (+96 kg):
Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) vs. Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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