Thanos Stratigos

Real Combat Media Boxing Greece Correspondent Press ID #056

Thanos Stratigos was born in 1984 and was raised in Athens, Greece and is a boxing writer for Real Combat Media Greece. Sports have always been his passion. In 1990, Thanos started gymnastics and running. Quite soon he started playing basketball in the Greek team  “ GAS AETOS”. After finishing high school, he studied Electronic Engineering at the Technological Institute of Lamia, Greece.

After Thanos’s graduation in (2007), he dealt with several fields such as “ NETWORKS (CCNA1 Networking Basics, CCNA2 Router & Routing Basics, Cisco Systems) ”, TRX Suspension Training (TRX Certificated) and Fitness Bootcamp Outdoors. When Thanos was a student, he participated in seminars which were organized by the European Center of Nuclear Researches(C.E.R.N.).

Thanos has also attended Business Management seminars and is a user of Pinnacle Studio H.D having his own channel on Daily Motion (, which has over 26.000 views.  Thanos has also worked in the technical base of Olympic Airways for 6 months. Thanos was a sales manager over 4 years in “ ARMOR ” one of the most reliable companies in Greece, which dealt with medical sales and equipment. Unfortunately, at the end of 2011 that corporation ended.

In early 2012 Thanos was the head of marketing for, a site that dealt with martial arts. That cooperation gave me the opportunity to explore the different aspects of sports and it became my everyday occupation and interest.

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