Callum Meads

Real Combat Media UK Correspondent

Callum Meads grew up in Middlesbrough, a small town in the northeast section of England and is an Assistant Real Combat Media UK boxing editor and a writer. At 28 years old, he now lives in the City of Hull where he attended Hull University and received a Business and Marketing degree. As an aspiring Boxing Journalist Callum has been writing about the sport for around 3 years and over that time has worked for a number of boxing websites. In the summer of 2010, Callum created his own boxing website to showcase his work and reach out to people who were interested in his journalism. The last three years of Callum’s life have been none stop boxing, from staying awake night after night to watch fights from all over the world, to competing competitively as a local amateur boxer. Callum is hoping to one day be able to take his journalism into a full-time career.

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