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Anthony L. Gonzalez is the creator and one of the talented minds behind the creation and daily duties of running Real Combat Media. Anthony and his talented team have developed one of the best combat news websites in the world. Anthony has a passion for the sweet science of pugilism and a passion for the technical side of martial arts. He entered the combat media industry because he has an extensive well rounded martial arts background; that includes 8 years of training in boxing, 1 year in jiu-jitsu and 4 years of training in Muay Thai. Anthony has competed in Greco, Freestyle and Scholastic styles of Wrestling for 4 years. He also played baseball for 12 years as a pitcher and was a third baseman.

In the past, Anthony was a sales professional for 8 years and has a technical background in Computer Network Support. He graduated from Wosa Technologies in 2004. He is also certified in Real Estate which he went to school for in 2007.

Anthony is also the founder of Art Of Health & Fitness in NJ, where he works as a kickboxing/MMA instructor, fitness editor and a fitness trainer since 2010. In 2011, Anthony was voted one of the best fitness trainers in NJ by NJtrainers.com. He has also been a master fitness trainer for 8 years and has won awards in strength competitions in 2010. Anthony has also fitness modeled for various websites and photographers for 2 years.  His fitness videos and tips can be viewed at www.anthonylgonzalez.com.

In 2016 Anthony founded Real Combat Media Publicity which helps MMA fighters and boxers get exposure for their careers with a variety of marketing, consulting and media services.

In 2017, Anthony created realcombatmediafightstore.com which sells boxing, MMA equipment, event tickets, Digital network subscriptions, mobile apps, health supplements and sport’s memorabilia to help fund his media operation. Our current partners include DAZN, ESPN Plus, Onnit among many other brands.

In 2018, Anthony created the Real Combat Media Foundation which helps all kind of people and direct funds to multiple charities that help world hunger and provide disaster relief assistance to many areas around the world.

In 2022, Anthony L. Gonzalez created Art of Health & Fitness Clothing which is a fitness and streetwear brand.

Anthony achieved his main objective with Real Combat Media to become one of the best MMA and boxing media websites in the world. Real Combat Media became internationally ranked among the top 30 in (2018-2022) for both MMA and boxing news publications. Real Combat Media is the only independent combat website to be ranked in both boxing and MMA for 4 straight years.

Anthony L. Gonzalez’s ultimate goal is to continue to make Real Combat Media profitable enough to give back to charities and help all kinds of people succeed.

Anthony L. Gonzalez can be reached for business inquiries at [email protected].



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