Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Thanks Jamie and thank you to Anthony Crolla as well, who has been responsible for some massive nights in Manchester, and wow – have we got some massive nights coming here. Not just on August 24, but I think I join with everybody to say wow, what a place and what a venue. Co-op Live is open for business in the boxing world and we’re delighted that we have been given the honour to christen this incredible place, August 24 with one of the best fights that can be made at 140lbs.

“Jack Catterall coming off that incredible victory against Josh Taylor in front of 11,000 at the Leeds Arena takes on a former World Champion Regis Prograis, coming off disappointment in defeat in a massive fight against Devin Haney. Both guys looking to recapture the World Championship in 2024. How good for boxing that two of the best in the division are fighting each other, rolling the dice to make a great fight for the fans. All live and exclusive of course on DAZN around the world.

“This venue Co-op Live, we’re doing some great business with these people. Last week of course in the Footprint Center in Phoenix – another one of their venues – 10,000 in there. Next week at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, 13,000 or 14,000 in there. We’re expecting a huge crowd on what will be a massive night of boxing on August 24.

“We are going to build an incredible card for you here of local derbies, big British names as well and of course already announced – the all-British women’s World Championship fight between Rhiannon Dixon and Terri Harper. Delighted as well to mention the recent signing of William Crolla. This is a young man who I believe can really lift Manchester boxing over the next few years and has earnt his shot at a contract with Matchroom. More big fight news coming for this card but today we focus on a thrilling fight in the 140lbs division between two guys who have been at the top for a very long time.”

Jack Catterall:

“I’m delighted. That chapter with Josh now is closed. It’s a new chapter. Before the first fight I found myself in a great position, number one in the WBO, but I was sitting on the shelf for too long. I think we understand that the division is wide open right now. There’s no immediate shot at the World Title but I didn’t want to be waiting until the back end of the year or early next year to get back in the ring, with the hopes of maybe landing a World Title fight.

“Like I said to Sam and I said to you (Eddie Hearn), I want the biggest fights. I think Regis said it, bar the World Titles this is the biggest fight in the division. I’ve had momentum, you (Eddie Hearn) have kept me active which I’m grateful for. I’m in a great position and I don’t want to be sat to the side waiting for fights to happen that might not happen. I need to strike while I’ve had the momentum.

“Regis is a two-time World Champion looking to become three. I know the winner of this fight is in a great position with you to go on and challenge for a World Title. This fight gets me up, I’m excited, it’s not far from where I live this Co-op Live arena. I’ve got everything to gain in this fight.

“I’ve been watching Regis for four or five years. I was at the fight against Taylor in 2019. I’ve watched him box in Dubai, I was in San Francisco in December so I’ve been seeing him and I know what he’s about. He’s a tough fighter and he’s earned his right – he’s a two-time World Champion. I know exactly what stands in front of me and I’m working hard. I’ve been straight back in the gym. No rest, no honeymoon, straight back to work.”

Regis Prograis:

“I feel like me and Jack is the biggest fight you can make in the division without a belt being on the line. We were actually supposed to fight a few years ago but it just never happened, and so now we’re here. I think this is the best time right now. For sure, it’s must-win. I have a goal now. Every time I get the belt I kind of just don’t care about it. Now I have a goal again. I want to be a three-time World Champion and this is the man that I have to get past. Catterall is one of the biggest names in the division right now. The 140lbs division is stacked right now. Like I said, this is the biggest fight that they can make without a belt being on the line. I’m ready to do it again in front of the crazy UK fans.”

Jamie Moore:

“Thanks for leaving me to last after that because I’ve got no f***ing idea what I’m going to say now. Activity has always been something that we’ve asked for which was key when we signed with Matchroom. We’ve got that now and I feel he’s just getting better and better.

“He’s the ultimate professional, he’s always in the gym. He’s literally just got married and he’s straight back in the gym asking for a big fight. This date came up, Regis accepted the offer that was put to him and we find ourselves in a position where you’ve got two of the best fighters outside of the World Champions fighting each other, taking a huge risk in all honesty. If Regis loses this fight then it looks like where does he go from here? Jack Catterall has put himself in a position where he should be fighting for a World Title. It just wasn’t available at this moment in time.

“We got offered Regis Prograis, a lot of people would say you’re crazy to take a risk like that. I don’t see it as big as a risk as people say it is because of my confidence in Jack Catterall. We’ve always been conscious of making sure the styles blend because Jack is that clever that sometimes it can be a hard watch because the styles don’t blend. This is certainly going to gel into a really good fight. Reigs is 35-years-old and he’s achieved so much, but I still feel like he’s got a lot left. That’s going to bring the best out in Jack. I want him to go in there knowing that he’s got to perform at his best.”

Evins Tobler:

“Well look Eddie, you’ve done it again. You’ve done it again. Before I get to particulars about the fight, we had a safe trip over here thank God. We want to thank Matchroom and you for always putting on the fights and making the best fight the best.

“I like Manchester. I don’t like a whole load of places but I like Manchester. I’m a Manchester United fan through and through. Manchester, come August 24 you’re going to come out, and I know you’re crazy fans, but this guy (Jack Catterall) has no idea what he’s up against. He (Sam Jones) says that Jack Catterall is a world class fighter; he’s not. He’s not. These two guys are too far apart.

“I guarantee you he can’t tell you the last guy Jack Catterall knocked out. Tell me who he knocked out. He didn’t beat Josh Taylor. The first fight, he won the fight – good job. But the second fight Taylor whooped his ass. I know you know.

“Jack Catterall is not on the level of a Regis Prograis and if you’re a true boxing fan you know. We got 24 knockouts. Catterall knocked out about 12 bums. You just told the great people of Manchester that your guy is the guy, and he’s not. Regis Prograis is a million steps ahead of Jack Catterall. Jack Catterall is a good fighter but he’s not a Regis Prograis. Regis has been decapitating people his whole career and Jack Catterall won’t be any different. It’s going to be a decapitation.”

Sam Jones:

“You can put any name to Jack and he would say yes to it. I’ve known Regis a while and he’s a fantastic fighter. Regis, his career would have been a bit different if he’d of got the nod against Josh Taylor at The O2 arena. It was a fantastic fight. His career would have really taken off but he’s kind of done it the hard way and he deserves a lot of respect for that. He’s a fantastic fighter and he’s a good person as well, but if he thinks he’s coming to Manchester and derailing Jack Catterall while he’s in the form of his life – he’s f***ing no chance! Absolutely.

“I know the big fella over there (Evins Tobler) who looks like he could squeeze me to death is laughing, but it’s true. This journey to the UK this time will be a happy one, and hopefully Frank Smith has put them on business class flights, but the second trip back to America is going to be a really sh*t one. His Rougarou mask is going to be scrunched up in his hand luggage and it’s going to be a depressing journey back.

“I respect Regis Prograis a hell of a lot as a fighter and I think he knows that as well, but as I say; there’s f***ing no chance. I overheard with my ears that Regis Prograis said Jack isn’t world class. I think that’s just him trying to give himself a little bit of confidence because he’s coming off a disappointing fight against Devin Haney. I believe Prograis is a lot better than what he showed in that fight. I think he’s a hell of a lot better. Devin Haney can’t knock the skin off a Devon Custard, but he was buzzing Prograis with shots.

“Jack Catterall is an underrated puncher. Trust me, he’s a strong puncher. When Reig meets him in the first round and he gets hit with a filthy sweaty horrible Chorley jab he’s going to know about it. When his ears and nose are vibrating he’s going to know he’s in it deep.”

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