Real Combat Media is one of the most successful independent international online mma and boxing sports publication since 2012. Since then we have a subscriber base that expands over 150 countries on all our regional platforms. Real Combat Media has correspondents and offices that work collectively to deliver the most accurate combat news stories on the internet to our readers. Real Combat Media has a unique blend of video journalists, business owners, mma/boxing instructors and writers to deliver you the best boxing and mma online content in the industry.


To write for us you must be articulate and passionate about boxing or mma like we are.

Experience is not essential – just an ability to write and a desire to learn.

Writing not your thing? If you prefer graphic design or video, look at other positions available below.


Learn the intricacies of combat journalism from professional and experienced journalists

Exposure for your sports writing skills to a large international audience.

Be fully credited with your photo and bio in all of your own published content.

Advice on online journalism and the best social media practices and how to get the maximum impact for your writing.

Get to attend press conferences, media workouts and opportunity to earn media credentials to attend events. Opportunities to earn money and create your own business.

Opportunities to earn college credits through our college internship program.


Realcombatmedia.com is always looking for writers who would like to be part of our team. If you are interested in writing articles or columns, they should be professionally written, fact-checked and spell-checked. Boxing or mma news, articles, profiles, photos, results, commentary and interviews are always welcome. At this time we offer NO financial compensation for submissions. Compensation is yours in the way of an opportunity for you to be published online and gain an increased exposure to your material to further your journalism career. We hope you’ll find that having your name and material exhibited on the internet personally gratifying to you and will lead to other rewarding opportunities for you to market your work. We want you to get exposure and gain new readers. We wish to help promote you and your content in any way we can.

We are offering compensation for the mma and boxing publicity position. This position, you will be required to contact and write for boxing or mma managers, fighters or approved combat businesses. You can also sell press releases, social media and email distribution services. Some leads will be provided.

Above all, we are looking for authors who exhibit good writing and research ability fueled for passion . We look for writers who have knowledge and expertise in one or more of the many fields of combat sports that we cover on the site. Authors should also be able to:

• Understand the subject at hand and be able to communicate effectively
• Contribute entirely original, previously unpublished work, no plagiarism!
• Ensure that research is done and that the statistics presented are factual
• One should have a general grasp of proper grammar
• The most important thing is to write from your passion and with your own style

If you have any samples of previous written material, we would like to take a look at it. If you are interested in writing for Real Combat Media e-mail us at the following address:  news@realcombatmedia.com

Here are the basic guidelines for submissions:

• Title the e-mail “Combat Sports Writer”
• Include any previous articles that you have written as attachments or webpage links. You can also attach your resume.
• If sending attachments, use .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt format.

Because we receive a high volume of submissions, there could be a small delay before you hear back from us, but be assured that if you have followed our submission guidelines, we will respond to you ASAP.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please include the position in the heading of your email. Please send all serious inquiries to news@realcombatmedia.com.





Video Reporters- Reporters will have the opportunity to increase their exposure by interviewing fighters and recording footage at live boxing events. Reporters can also make you tube predictions, recaps and opinions for our growing you tube channel. The reporter will have the opportunity to earn media credentials and gain exposure for their media career. For boxing video reporters inquiries, please email us at news@realcombatmedia.com.

Assistant Editors- Assistant will help the Editor with editing, revising and publishing articles to the site. This is a great position college interns who want to further their experience in the media field.

Forum Admins- This position is for boxing fans or people interested in a position where you run your own forums with the guidance of Real Combat Media. This position is a great opportunity to develop your fan base and following.

Content Manager- Candidate will be in charge of uploading and editing all videos to all our video platforms in a time efficient manner. The candidate will be communicating with our Video reporters and Editors when they are attending media events. A percentage of the ad revenue profit will be paid to the manager of this department.


Martial Art Video Reporters – We are looking to work gym owners that want help educate the public with martial arts and boxing awareness. We are looking for high level martial art businesses and instructors that want to work with us as promotional partners.

Video Reporters- Reporters will have the opportunity to increase their exposure by interviewing fighters and recording footage at live boxing events. Reporters can also make you tube predictions, recaps and opinions for our growing you tube channel. The reporter will have the opportunity to earn media credentials and gain exposure for their media career. For mma video reporters inquiries, please email us at news@realcombatmedia.com.


We are looking to add an educational section to help our readers to learn mixed martial arts, boxing, judo,wrestling and jiu jitsu techniques. This is a perfect position for gym owner and instructors to advertise their businesses at no cost on our popular media platforms. You can also earn a percentage of the ad revenue for the videos you contribute to our you tube channel.


We are looking for contributors that specialize in health and fitness. This position is open to fitness trainers, group instructors, nutritionists or any professional involved in the health or fitness industry. This position is a independent contractor position where you can use your written talents to help further and develop your career or business.


Real Combat Media is looking for media salespeople to sell text, audio and video ads on all our media platforms. We are also looking for online affiliate marketers and online salespeople to help us sell quality combat and health products on the net. Salespeople will be independent contractors who will develop relationships with businesses and help them market their business.


We at Real Combat Media are always looking to expand our roster of writers, interviewers and contributors to media endeavors. There are many people that have a deep desire and passion for both Boxing and MMA. Scores of these individuals desire a platform in which to share their love and devotion to these combat sports.

If you are interested in writing for Real Combat Media, we would love to obtain your inquiry. Please keep in mind, however, that we receive a high volume of e-mail from interested writers, but work with only contributors that provide quality material. In other words, we are highly selective, and we’re not able to accept everyone. Our objective is to present the best media to the public.

Whether you would like to contribute intermittently as a hobby, or if you’re interested in having a journalistic career, we have great things on the horizon to give you a platform to take off from. Some of the objectives that we will be engaging in are: Radio programs, working on press passes for all of the writers who are interested, interviews with professional fighters, top amateurs, business people, etc.

If you contribute at least four articles or more, we will give you your own personalized webpage yo market your business.