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A Tribute to Boxing Producer Rob Beiner

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


There are the famous sports faces known. Then again, the faces behind the camera often come and go unknown, unheralded and forgotten. In February 2016, when top boxing promoter Lou DiBella had a moment of silence at his DiBella Promotions boxing event in Manhattan recently for the late sports producer and director Rob Beiner, many in the crowd at DiBella Promotions watching the boxing event did not know who he was.


A graduate of Brooklyn College with a graduate degree from New School University, Beiner rose to prominence producing ABC Monday Night Football, the Olympic Games, and sports telecasts for Howard Cosell on ABC Sports. Beiner also produced sports telecasts for Bellator on the Spike Mixed Martial Arts circuit. Since 2011, Beiner was Vice-President and Senior Coordinating Producer and director for Bellator, produced for ABC Sports (1988-1990) and was owner and president of Our Vision (January 1995 to present). From 1982 to 1997 he produced Friday Night Fights on the USA Network. From 1998 to the present he produced ESPN Friday Night Fights. More recently, he produced Al Haymon’s Premiere Boxing Champions on the NBC Sports Network. Countless thousands of boxing shows were produced by the obscure Beiner. Besides sporting event promoters, as is usually the case, most people never knew who the genius was behind the cameras. This was because the focus of the camera-and the events for sporting fans-was for the public, and never on himself. Rest in Peace, Rob.





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