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By Pattee Mak, RCM Boxing Correspondent

Back in 2012 I interviewed Mary del Pino about her employment as a manager of an all women’s boxing gym entitled “Striking Beauties” in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  At that time she was an up and comer to the boxer world.  Who would have ever dreamed where she would be in just a short time later.  If you were looking for a female manager, I would have to highly recommend Mary for the job.  Not only does she have a female fighter fighting a world title on November 7, but she also has two other fighters fighting in the same month, two of which I interviewed below.  I welcome super bantamweight Shelly “Shelito” Vincent (9-0-0) and welterweight Kali Reis (5-1-1) both from Providence, Rhode Island.  Both fighters are definitely making Rhode Island proud.


Pattee Mak:  First and foremost I would like to say I am extremely excited for your fighters in their upcoming bouts.  Female boxing needs to have more of a draw and I’m excited as to what you are doing for the sport.


Mary del Pino:  Thank you so much!  I am so proud of all of these women, and honored to be a small part of their success. They are dedicated, talented athletes who deserve the time, attention and pay that their male team mates receive.  We are working hard to get more attention and respect for women’s boxing.  Boxing is a beautiful sport, it’s artistic, graceful, complex, intelligent and both the sport and it’s athletes deserve more appreciation. It takes huge sacrifice and heart to be successful in it. These women give their boxing their all, and they deserve reciprocity. We need TV time, and attention from the people who make those decisions! They need to see that these women CAN draw crowds, DO put on an amazing display of talent, and WILL be worth their investment.


Pattee Mak:  Let’s start with my good friend Shelly Vincent aka Shelito.  Girl you have been extremely busy this year.   This will be your 4th fight on November 2, 2013 at Foxwoods Resorts in Connecticut.   You’ve had some tuff fights along the way.  Which one was the toughest?


Vincent:  I mean they were all great fighters. I won em all UD though. The only one that showed I was in a fight was Sherine Thomas. But once I was hit I woke up. She gave me a lil shiner. The dark haired gals babied me an kissed me a lot. It was worth it. #yourbabymomsfavoriteboxer #mightymeatball LOL.


Pattee Mak: For your next fight you do not have an opponent yet. I know in the past you called out Heather Hardy but she has an upcoming fight also in November.  Is there anyone you are looking to fight?


Vincent:  Yeah she still shucking a jiving me. It is what it is. Soon the public will demand it an I will break her down. Unless Feliciano get her first. And if the price is right I’ll fight anyone. I love the sport, it’s my passion. But, it is also a business for me. I’m trying to balance the business more so I have something to fall back on.  You dig me.  We need TV time. We do EVERYTHING the guys do.  Even better than some. #wecanwedowewill. We busy forming our army now.  Kaleisha West an Ava Knight on the west and myself and Kali Reis on the East. We will be heard. Support women’s boxing people.


Pattee Mak:  What actually happened with setting up that bout?


Vincent:  Heather keeps saying no, not time and I’m picking on her.  I mean ain’t this a combat sport sweetheart?  She way more experienced.  I’m 11-4 as a am [amateur], 9-0 as pro. She 6-0 as a pro and bigger am background. So what cha, what cha, what cha, saying…  Scary pants!!!!! Absolutely. NOTHING.


Pattee Mak:  Since your last fight against Angel Gladney (8-7-1) has your trainer, Peter Manfredo, made any adjustments to training regimen?


Vincent:  We adjust to opponent. Man he is a surgeon in there.  All I got to do is listen to his voice an it all come together. Trust him like a father. I’d kill for that man. Only man I’ve ever turkey felt safe with besides my grandfather.  Blessed to have such a great family at Manfredo’s Boxing and Fitness.


Pattee Mak:  Will the WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association International super bantamweight title be up for grabs on the 2nd?  If not, do you know why?


Vincent:  No, I’m coming off injury and this is a tune up fight.  6 rounder.  I have a year to defend the title.


Pattee Mak:  Ok so spill the beans to me. I heard….. that after this fight you would be making an announcement. Can’t you give your fans and me a tiny clue as to what it is?


Vincent:  OK!!!!!!’ Here it is.  It’s going to be epic an history will be made. I’m do it real big an #shelitosway… No but a shocker to the world… Don’t miss that.


Pattee Mak:  You are k*lling me.


Pattee Mak:  As always thank you so much for chatting with me.  Your responses always make me laugh.  Good luck at your fight.  To follow Vincent you can locate her on facebook under Shelly Shelito’s Way Vincent.


Vincent:  Thanks Pattee Mak you know I love you gal. See u on the 2nd.


Pattee Mak:  Up next is Kali Reis.  On November 7, 2013, Reis is fighting Tori Nelson (7-0-3) in Cockeysville, Maryland for the WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association welterweight title.  Nelson originally fought Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes (10-1-0) in Lincoln, Rhode Island for said vacant belt and now it’s up for grabs and Reis is on her way to claim it and bring it back to her state of Rhode Island.  Reis you will be basely going in closer to her back yard for the title which is exactly what Nelson did in Rhode Island.  Do you have any concerns about this?


Reis:  No, not at all. If she can go in someone’s “backyard” and win a world title belt, why am I any different?  LOL.  My focus on this fight is what I’m capable of and not what another fighter did prior.


Pattee Mak:  Were you present at Nelson’s last fight on 9-13-2013 when she fought Lopes?  If so, were there any talks about this upcoming fight come the 7th?


Reis: Yes, I was there to support both women in that fight.  Any fighter who steps in that ring has my respect. Casual conversation about a possible fight with that nights winner and I definitely followed, but nothing specific was planned beforehand. At the end of the fight, I congratulated Nelson from my seat at ringside, and politely asked “Can I get next?” I guess my request was acknowledged and my team got the call for November 7th shortly after.


Pattee Mak:  What did you study about Nelson?


Reis:  Nelson is tough, determined and comes forward.  She relies on her wide right hand a lot. She can go 10 rounds with someone who allows her to control the fight.


Pattee Mak:  Your last fight was on 6-29-2012 against Lyneisha Jefferson (0-1-0) and you were victorious.  Why haven’t your fought since then?


Reis:  I haven’t fought since because of a motorcycle accident I had in late August of 2012 ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I was hit by a car, then shortly after that, I was involved in an incident at work in October of 2012 that exacerbated my injuries.  These two events left me unable to train or do much of anything for quite some time.


Pattee Mak: Ouch. OMG!! I’m sooo sorry. I’m glad to see that you have healed and you are ready to get back in the ring.


Pattee Mak:  I gazed over Nelson’s fight record.  She’s fought many 10 rounders, the highest was 6 for you and it appears she’s had much tougher opponents but hasn’t gotten the KO yet while you have 2 KO’s on your record.  Any thoughts?


Reis:    No disrespect at all to Nelson, her camp or her previous opponents, but I am not focused on what she has done prior to November 7th, and leading up to our fight.  I am doing what I have to do to prepare for November 7th. Nelson’s record would appear to indicate that she has the will power and endurance to go the 10 rounds and overwhelm her opponents.  They fight her fight.  I don’t look for a knock out right out of the gate, but if the opportunity presents itself I’m ready to execute.  Knock outs usually come when they are least expected.


Pattee Mak:  Who is currently training you and where are you training?


Reis:  I am currently training with Peter Manfredo, Sr in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  I started with Peter when I was about 17, and it’s nice to have that rekindled trainer/fighter relationship.  I also still train at Big Six Boxing Academy in Providence, Rhode Island with Doc Roland Estrada.  It’s the perfect mix.  It’s my own “Dream Team”. LOL.


Pattee Mak:  You are definitely in good hands.


Pattee Mak: I wish you and Team Reis the best come the 7th. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there and if anyone would like to contact you where can they reach you? [All bouts and fighters subject to change.  This interview was conducted via email].


Reis: I’d like to thank you, Pattee for taking your time to interview me, it’s very much appreciated.  To all my fans…I’m BACK WITH A VENGEANCE and I plan to make women’s boxing and my home town of Providence proud. To all my native people, supporters and fans, “Iootosh” (stand strong) It’s my time which means it’s OUR time!  I fight for all nations! Anyone can contact me via email at, or through my wonderful manager, Mary del Pino.

at or through facebook.


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